Reservation Dogs Season 2 Premiere Recap: How To Overcome A Curse – And, Did Elora Make It To California?

Reservation Dogs Season 2 Premiere Recap

Newly singled-out Bear appears dejected in the premiere episode of Reservation Dogs Season 2. William Knifeman is here to save the day for us, so we’re all set!

Just so you know where we left the Rez Dogs, here’s a recap of their adventures thus far. It was after an argument with Bear that Elora, Jackie, and Jackie decided to leave the reservation; Willie Jack, Cheese, remained; and Uncle Brownie, who was convinced that his powers would allow him to stop an impending tornado, decided to stay in the area.

Towards the top, Willie Jack provides Daniel’s photo (and the rest of us) with an update on the state of affairs in his area since the tornado hit. Even as we see him talking to no one and looking like an out-of-control lunatic, a bear is still chatting with his “hard-nipped” spirit pal. While Mose and Mekko’s bikes are being hustled, Uncle Brownie continues to frolic around naked (LOL) and wonders if dogs can see him. “And Elora left with that scumbag, Jackie. I think of her as our sworn enemy,” Willie Jack says. Bad news: I’m pretty sure this is all my fault.

Season 2 Opened With The Gang Finally Reunited, But Where Were Uncle Brownie’s Clothes? Episodes

Willie Jack gives Daniel’s photo (and the rest of us) an up-to-date account of the events that have transpired since the tornado. Bear is still chatting with his “hard nips” spirit pal, as we see him chatting with no one and looking like a crazy person in the middle of the night. While Uncle Brownie continues to frolic around the neighborhood bare-chested (LOL), Mose and Mekko have their bicycles robbed. “And Elora left with that scumbag Jackie,” he said. Willie Jack adds, “She’s like our sworn enemy now. Unfortunately, I believe it’s all my fault. “

Season 2 opened with the gang finally reunited, but where were Uncle Brownie's clothes episodes
Season 2 opened with the gang finally reunited, but where were Uncle Brownie’s clothes episodes

Outside Daniel’s old house (which is currently for sale), Bear is moping when Spirit appears. A bear explains to him that Elora went to California and dumped him, and Spirit tells him to stop acting like a kid because he’s got some hair down there. He needs to take charge of his own life and do the right thing. And after hurling a French fry in Bear’s face after admitting to making things up, the spirit guide leaves, singing a song from Kansas. (It’s great to see this show back on the air.)

It’s revealed to the gang that their favorite hangout is being demolished by construction workers. To build a megachurch, a rancher in Texas purchased the land. Fortunately, they’re able to reclaim Daniel’s belongings that were left there in his memory.

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In Episode 2

A woman named Anna saves the lives of the girls instead of shooting them (Megan Mullally). There are no strings attached to her generous offer of food and shelter. Elora breaks down in tears as they settle in for the night, while Jackie grabs the woman’s keys and drives away.

Elora dreams of Daniel and Bear while she sleeps. She regrets leaving them behind and feels remorseful. Jackie rouses her from her slumber by waking her up. “Those little sluts,” Anna mutters from the window as they jack the truck and leave the driveway.

In Episode 2
In Episode 2

Cheese, Willie Jack, Brownie, and Bucky pray by the lake at the reservation. Many details about the old men are revealed in the “prayer” (in quotes?), such as Brownie sleeping with Bucky’s old lady while the couple was broken up—details!–in it. After that, everyone joins in on a rendition of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” as the Spirit looks on. In the best possible way, this is all a hoot. The Spirit then tells Brownie that the ceremony is over and the curse has been broken, but it will remain in the children’s hearts until they have dealt with their feelings of shame and guilt.

Visits to Jackie’s mother are on the agenda. But she steals the money that the woman drops on the ground and snatches it from her. They can now tow Elora’s car back to the reservation with the help of a brand-new truck and gas money secured.

She says to Daniel, “You just hope the curse is lifted and things improve, but to be honest it just doesn’t feel like the curse has been lifted.”


Four Native American youths are featured in the show, which follows their daily lives in rural Oklahoma as they engage in criminal activity and resist it.” After the death of their comrade Daniel one year prior to the events of the series, the gang struggles with the desire to travel to California in the same manner. To begin the process of preparing to leave, they must first complete any unfinished business in their personal and professional lives.

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Reservation Dogs Season 2 Trailer

It’s official: Season 2 of Reservation Dogs is here, and the trailer gives us a first look.

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