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Renue Plastic Surgery: Southeast Georgia’s Top Choice In Plastic Surgery

Renue Plastic Surgery’s mission is to provide high-quality, individualised care to each of its patients. In addition to our six easily accessible locations, we also offer two private, nationally recognized plastic surgery centres, one in Brunswick and one in Waycross.

If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon that is both skilled and kind, look no farther than Renue Plastic Surgery.

Every one of our patients is treated like a celebrity by our kind, compassionate, and expert staff and surgeons. Both surgical & non-surgical procedures fall within our umbrella of cosmetic and reconstruction therapies.

Your time of greatest need is when you can count on us to be here for you. Burns, cuts and bruises, dog bites, wrist injuries, facial fractures, as well as other injuries that necessitate immediate medical attention are all treatable by our surgeons the very same day they occur.

In What Ways Are Services Superior Than Those Of Competitors

How We See It

Renue Plastic Surgery provides both surgical and non-surgical methods for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. All of our efforts will always be directed towards the best interests of our patients.

We Place A Premium On Providing Exceptional Care For Our Patients

You can expect the highest quality care from our medical staff. All treatments are carried out in hospitals and clinics that are in accordance with the safety guidelines set forth by the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. Located in both Brunswick and Waycross, our private surgery centres are AAAHC and Medicare accredited.

We Value Easy Patient Access To Medical Care

Injuries such as burns, cuts and bruises, dog bites, hand and facial fractures, and more can all be treated by our surgeons the very same day they occur. As a matter of fact, we accept patients with coverage from nearly every major insurance provider.

If you have any questions or concerns about the coverage you have via your insurance provider, our Patient Insurance Advocate would be happy to help you resolve them. When it comes to patient financing, we work together with CareCredit.

Each Of Our Patients Is Unique, And We Make It Our Mission To Treat Them As Such

Each patient is treated like a celebrity by our kind, compassionate, and competent team. What you want is what we want. We respect your independence and want to provide you with options that meet your specific requirements.

We make sure that patients understand their treatment, and we teach their loved ones how to be there for them following surgery by giving education and resources.

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Here Is Our Chief Surgeon, Bill Mitchell

To begin with, Dr. Mitchell was born and raised in the Empire State. Dr. Mitchell had always intended to make Southeast Georgia his permanent home, having spent many summers working there as a college student.

Dr. Mitchell relocated to Brunswick, Ga in 2001 to start his own private clinic, which he eventually renamed Renue Plastic Surgery after his broad experience in general surgeon and plastic surgery.

After years of hard work, Dr. Mitchell was finally able to turn his practise into a thriving regional group servicing Southeast Georgia and providing a full spectrum of plastic surgery procedures at not one but two fully accredited and licenced surgical sites.

Dr. Mitchell received his undergraduate education at Notre Dame, where he received a Bachelor of Science.

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After graduating with his M.D. from New York State Medical College in Westchester, New York, he did his general surgery fellowship at Georgia Baptists Medical Clinic in Atlanta.

In Georgia, Dr. Mitchell worked as the NASCAR track physician, treating drivers like Jeff Gordon and Bryan Wallace. After finishing his residency, he went on to pursue a fellowship in plastic surgery at Chicago’s Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center and a second residency in cosmetic surgery at Indianapolis’s Zollman Center.

Dr. Mitchell has completed the rigorous requirements to become a board-certified plastic surgeon and is an active participant in the American Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Mitchell has presented his work at conferences all around the world, and his findings have been published in the prestigious medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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Popular Examples Of Our Therapies

Healing Of A Scar

Scar revision can lessen the visual impact of a scar left behind after an accident or operation. Even though scars can never be entirely removed, scar revision can make them less noticeable and more uniform in colour and texture with the rest of the skin.

Surgical Reconstruction Of Skin Cancer

Following the removal of a skin cancerous tumour, reconstructive surgery may be required. To ensure that the repair doesn’t drastically alter your appearance and leave you with an unsightly scar, our plastic surgeons employ cutting-edge techniques.

Procedures For Treating Skin Cancer

When removing malignant or otherwise undesirable skin lesions, our plastic surgeons employ advanced techniques with the dual goals of protecting your health and restoring your natural beauty with minimal scarring.

Mammoplasty Reversal

Would you like to scale up your efforts? Change from saline to silicone, perhaps? If you are dissatisfied with your implants after 10–20 years or with a previous surgical procedure, we can help.

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For a no-cost initial consultation for one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, please phone 912.280.9977 or send an email by clicking the “Book a Consultation” option on this page.

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