Open Msg Files Mac (Msg Viewer Is An E-Mail-Viewer Utility For Msg E-mail)

open msg files mac

If the sender is using Microsoft Outlook for Windows, the message they send you will most likely be an MSG file. This is true regardless of the type of Outlook information being traded between them (email, reminder, contact, appointment, etc.). 

The issue is that there does not appear to be any obvious way for Mac users to access the file. The fact that not even Outlook for Mac can open it is frustrating.

The MSG file could have been an attached email message. Maybe you and your coworkers all use Windows computers and prefer to store important files in.docx format. Perhaps you switched from Windows to Mac and now need to retrieve old Outlook data. 

open msg files mac

Another possibility is that you sent an email from your office PC to your personal Mac. Whatever your reason for visiting us, we hope that you find the answers you need here.

There’s a bit of absurdity in the fact that files created in Outlook for Windows can’t be opened in Outlook for Mac (it uses EML files instead). 

If this is causing you frustration, please consider casting a vote to have Microsoft add support for opening MSG files in Outlook. There are several ways to open these documents on a Mac. Keep reading to find out what solution is ideal for you. 

Microsoft Outlook users are likely familiar with the MSG file format used to store email messages. Your desktop email client is probably all you need to open an MSG file, but if you want to do anything with it beyond reading it, you’ll need a more robust program.

How To Open Msg Files On Macbook?

Simply double-click an MSG file to launch it, or choose Open With > MSG Viewer for Outlook from the file’s context menu. You can keep working in your favorite Mac email client while MSG Viewer for Outlook converts your MSG or Winmail. dat file in the background.

open msg files on macbook

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What Is A .MSG File On Mac?

MSG files are used by Microsoft Outlook to store email; however, Macs do not support this format, so even if you have Outlook, you will not be able to open an MSG file. It’s not just pub files that have trouble running on Macs; we’ve written a helpful guide on how to do so.

Converting MSG Mail Files To Mac-Compatible Formats

Not my preferred approach to opening MSG files on a Mac, as there is no such thing as a perfectly flawless conversion, no matter how accurate the conversion is promised to be. 

Therefore, when I need to open an MSG file on a Mac, I would rather not use converters to transform the MSG files into formats compatible with Macs. If you’re using Emailchemy and want to convert an MSG file to an MBOX format for use in Apple Mail, here’s how:

Follow these steps to set up and use Emailchemy:

2. Secondly, choose MSG as the source format;

open msg files mac-compatible Formats

3.  Navigate to the folder containing the MSG files you wish to convert. And all of those MSG files will be added to the conversion list;

4. Select which MSG messages to convert, all of them or just the ones that meet certain criteria;

            5. Decide where to save the converted MBOX file from the MSG file;

            6. After choosing an output folder, the conversion will begin immediately. And all you have to do is wait for it to finish.

In the same way that the above steps worked for converting to PST files. They will also work for converting to OLM files, the format used by Outlook for Mac.

However, there are alternative Mac e-mail file converters that are well worth a shot. Not even close; Emailchemy is just one of many.

Using MSG Viewers

These MSG viewers are typically small, lightweight programs. That even computer novices can set up in a matter of seconds and begin using right away. In my opinion, these are the top picks: MailRaider, MsgViewer, Klammer, and Outlook MSG Viewer are all good options. The last one is the only one that is a completely free and open-source Java-based project.

open msg files mac using msg viewers

The fact that it is the only free MSG Viewer for Mac available is an obvious plus for this program. It’s a simple, compact, and useful device. The fact that you need Java on your computer to use. This viewer is a minor inconvenience in light of the useful features it provides.

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 Here’s how you can use the free MsgViewer program to read MSG email attachments:

  1. Simply drop the MSG file onto the program’s icon or select. It from the menu and click “Open” to import it;
  1. Second, at the bottom of the main screen, choose the preview format you’d like to use (RTF or Text);
  1. Select Program -> Save File As and then navigate to the location you’d like to save to (supported output formats are MSG, EML, and MBOX).

FAQs – People Also Ask

What is a .MSG file on Mac?

Even if you have Outlook, you won’t be able to read MSG files. Because they are only compatible with Microsoft’s software. There are other file formats that have problems opening on a Mac. But we’ve already written a helpful guide on how to read pub files on a Mac if you need it.

How do I convert messages to PDF on Mac?

Those with a Mac can benefit from installing the MSG to PDF Mac Converter. Use Add File(s) or Add Folder to locate the MSG you wish to upload (s). Then click the button labeled “Next.” 

If you want to save the file as a PDF, you can do so by selecting that option from the list of available save formats, then filling out the remaining fields and clicking the Export button.

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