N!CK’s Teams Up With Minecraft For Ice Cream Products (N!ck’s Light Ice Cream Flavours And Unique Packaging Was A Dream)

N!CK's teams up with Minecraft for ice cream products

Together with Minecraft, better-for-you snack company Nick’s has released a limited-edition line of square pints filled with light ice cream flavors.

A healthier alternative to the full-fat and high-calorie ice creams on the market, the collection marries the innovation of two Swedish brands, Nick’s patented food science technology and flavor expertise, and Minecraft’s game elements.

Both companies have roots in the gaming industry, and they both want to spread that culture while also offering healthier snack and dessert options.

N!CK's teams up with Minecraft for ice cream products

The company introduced four flavors that adhere to the ketogenic diet: emerald Minta, cake blocks, peanöt choklad glow dust (a chocolate ice cream with gold mines of peanut butter cups), and enchanted äpple pie (a sweet apple pie ice cream with a swirl of graham crackers).

It was a dream come true for our team to incorporate Minecraft into the flavours of our latest N!CK’s light ice cream and the packaging. Carlos Altschul, CEO of N!CK, expressed his company’s elation at collaborating with Minecraft to announce the release of a limited-edition collection.

The ice cream line is unique in that it is the first of its kind to feature flavours from the popular video game Minecraft and features the game’s signature square pixelation design. 

This is why, unlike NICK’s standard round pints, Minecraft pints come in distinctive square containers that serve as a physical embodiment of the game’s recognizable in-game blocks.


Creators at Mojang Studios created the sandbox game Minecraft. Using the Java programming language, Markus “Notch” Persson developed the game. 

After several rounds of private testing, it released to the public in May 2009; by the time of its final release in November 2011, Notch had stepped down and Jens “Jeb” Bergensten had taken over development. 

N!CK's teams up with Minecraft

 Custom maps, skins, texture packs, and mods are just some examples of the user-created content that expands the game’s potential and introduces new features.

The video game Minecraft so well-received that it nominated for several awards and now widely considered to among the best of all time. Influential in the game’s rise to fame were memes, ripoffs, adaptations, merchandising, and the yearly Minecon conventions.

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 Additionally, the game has implemented in classroom settings to educate students on topics such as chemistry, CAD, and computing. Microsoft paid $2.5 billion (at the time) to buy Mojang and all of the Minecraft IP in 2014. 

There also several spin-offs, such as Minecraft: Story Mode (which has discontinued on all platforms except Netflix, where the first five episodes available), Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Earth (which has also been discontinued), and in 2023, Minecraft Legends.


In Minecraft, players given a great deal of leeway to explore the game world in any way they see fit, as the game a 3D sandbox with no linear storyline. A system of rewards present, however; this referred to as “advancements” in the Java Edition and “trophies” in the PlayStation ports.

 By default, players experience the action from the first-person perspective, but switching to the third-person perspective is possible. 

In Minecraft, the world built out of crude 3D cubes and liquids, referred to as “blocks,” which stand in for a wide variety of materials. Picking up and dropping these items is central to the gameplay. 

 Minecraft  Gameplay

These cubes laid out in a 3D grid, and the players have complete freedom of movement. Blocks can “mined” and then placed elsewhere by players, allowing them to construct various structures. 

 Examples of these include the peaceful difficulty, which disables hostile mob spawning, and the hard difficulty, which allows players to starve to death if their hunger bar depleted. Once a game mode has selected, only cheats will allow the difficulty to changed.


Minecraft’s multiplayer mode allows for players from different servers to collaborate and exchange information within the same world.

 Multiplayer can accessed via servers, local area networks, local split screens (console only), and direct game-to-game connections (player-hosted and business-hosted).

 To play with other people, players can host their own servers, sign up with a third-party hosting service, or use Xbox Live to link up with a friend’s game.

The option to engage in combat with other players, known as “player versus player combat” (PvP), is available. Custom plugins are available for many servers and enable previously impossible tasks.


In honor of the game’s 10th anniversary, Mojang has remade Minecraft Classic in JavaScript and made it playable in the browser.

 Minecraft Variants

 It’s essentially the same as creative mode, letting you construct and destroy whatever you like in your own world or on a shared server with friends. Players unaffected by lava and other environmental hazards, and the behavior of some blocks altered.

 Based on a joke from Napoleon Dynamite, Persson had worked on the early build of this game, which he called “Project Rex Kwon Do.”

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 Even though Lego had given the project the green light to move forward and Mojang had put two developers on the game for six months, Mojang ultimately decided to cancel the project because, according to Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan, the Lego Group was too demanding.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Is Minecraft discontinuing Java?

Yet, the time for voluntarily migrating is coming to a close. You’ll need to switch to a Microsoft account to continue playing Minecraft: Java Edition after March 10, 2022. We’re taking these measures to guarantee that all players are using accounts that meet our high standards for safety and security.

Will Minecraft ever be finished?

So, to sum up. As long as people keep playing, Minecraft has a good chance of lasting forever. The success of Minecraft has the potential to affect future generations for the better if the development studio believes their efforts spent on the same title over many years are worthwhile.

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