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Why We Celebrate National Shower With A Friend Day, Updated Info 2023

You, February, are a fascinating month. While you may be the shortest month of the year, it often feels like you last forever.

You may associate the month of February with the negative emotions of cold, darkness, and hopelessness. The holiday season is over, but the weather remains dismal.

Unless, of course, you’re living in the southern hemisphere, in which case you know that this month will feel like an eternity.

Taking part in National Shower with a Friend Day is a great way to wash away the gloom of February.

Most people would guess that it all started because of a small group of friends who enjoy taking group showers together.

In fact, Denver, Colorado-based New Wave Enviro was the catalyst.

For over 25 years, this corporation has supplied consumers with useful items like water filters; in 2014, they came up with a PR stunt: National Shower with a Friend Day..

Why Do We Celebrate “National Shower Day”?

The fact that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the day coincides with winter, a season characterised by cold and loneliness, makes it all the more appealing. As a result, February is the most appropriate month for the celebration.

In this way, Shower with a Friend Day not only injects some much-needed levity into a period dominated by seriousness and melancholy, but also informs the public about the many health benefits associated with regularly showering in clean, chlorine-free water.

Ingesting or even bathing in chlorine-filled water is extremely unhealthy. The promotion was created as a day to raise awareness and get people to buy shower filters.

On this day in February, people are encouraged to joke around and take a shower with their pals. The National Day Calendar, a website that keeps track of the many unofficial holidays celebrated online, is responsible for the first proclamation of the day in July 2014.

While the idea for International Shower with a Friend Day likely originated in a corporate boardroom, the holiday has since grown in popularity and is now widely praised by environmentalists everywhere.

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It’s a great way to save water while brightening people’s lives in an otherwise dreary month. Even for those who don’t partake, the day’s setting alone is funny.

Although the day is meant to be humorous, the two mates could be romantically involved or genuine pals.

In Honor Of International Shower Day, Let’s Do The Following:

Taking a shower with a pal

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Taking a shower with a friend, a girlfriend/boyfriend, or a loved one is one of the most fundamental ways to honour or observe the day, as silly and weird as that may sound.

People have made it a tradition to do this on this happy day because it helps them see this special occasion for what it is: a chance to have some memorable, enjoyable experiences.

Share your thoughts online.

Social media users can join in the celebration by sharing content with the hashtag #NationalShowerWithAFriendDay.

This will accomplish a great deal in terms of spreading awareness to individuals from other parts of the world so that they, too, may join the campaign to mark the unique day.

Raising awareness about the dangers of drinking chlorinated water

On this Shower with a Friend Day, you can also take the time to inform others about the hazards of using chlorinated water for drinking and bathing.

It’s vital to remember that bathing in or drinking water contaminated with chlorine can be harmful to one’s skin and health.

The Origins Of National Take-a-Friend-To-The-Shower Day

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In 2014, the day was nominated by New Wave Enviro, a Denver, Colorado-based business.
In 2015, the Registrar of National Day Calendar designated February 5 as the annual observance date.

History Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) on February 5

United Artists is founded in 1919 by D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks. The movie business took notice of these four exceptional talents during the silent film period. In the future, they planned to operate otherwise.

The first issue of Reader’s Digest came out in 1922.

First American patent for starting blocks was granted to George T. Bresnahan of Iowa City, Iowa. The university coach invented a “Foot Support” (patent number 1,701,026) to help his runners maintain a stable footing on the track and have a better “get-away” from the starting line.

The original Captain America film features Dick Purcell in the lead role. It’s the first time a Marvel hero has ever had a theatrical release.

The History of February 5th and Why It Is Celebrated (and Not Celebrated)

During the year 1744, John Jeffries was born.
Jeffries was one of the first people in the United States to keep a detailed record of the weather. When a weather balloon was first used to observe the sky in 1784, he recorded that event as well.

The Year John Boyd Dunlop Was Born: 1837
It was the inventor’s first commercially viable pneumatic tyre that brought him the most fame.

Year of Birth: 1934: Hank Aaron
He spent the majority of his 34 years as a Major League Baseball player in right field for the Milwaukee Braves/Brewers. He got his start in the pros with the Negro American League in 1951, and the Braves eventually bought his contract.

It all started with Nolan Bushnell in 1943.
The video game company Atari, Inc. was founded by Bushnell and Ted Dabney in 1972. American businessman who, in 1977, also established Chuck E. Cheese.

1947: Mary Louise Cleave
In 1989, during STS-30, the NASA astronaut deployed the Magellan Venus exploration spacecraft.

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