Miguel McKelvey Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Is WeWork’s Co-Founder?

Miguel McKelvey Net Worth

Founded WeWork and served as the company’s former Chief Culture Officer, Miguel McKelvey is an American businessman.

Green Desk was founded by Miguel and Adam Neumann in 2008 when they convinced their landlord to allow them to divide the floors of an empty building into semi-communal office spaces and rent them out.

Green Desk was an eco-friendly coworking space that used recycled furniture and wind power to power its operation. WeWork was founded by McKelvey and Neumann after they sold the company to their landlord, Joshua Guttman, and rebranded it.

Quick Facts About Miguel McKelvey

Full NameMiguel McKelvey
BirthplaceUnited States
Ex-wifeHiyam Khalifa
Net Worth$900 million

Early life

In the year 1974, in the United States, Miguel McKelvey was born. His parents took him to Eugene, Oregon, where he grew up. Eugene Weekly, the family newspaper, was published by his father’s side. In an interview with Fortune in January 2020, Miguel revealed that he was a wild kid on the high school basketball court. His coach helped him develop a sense of personal responsibility.

Early life
Early life

Apparently, no one has been telling Miguel to stay within the perimeter. According to him, his father never lived in the house where he was raised. He enrolled in South Eugene High School to further his education, and he graduated in 1992. It was after this that he enrolled in Colorado College. In the end, he transferred to the University of Oregon after Colorado College’s professor Carl Reed recommended that he pursue a master’s degree in architecture. In 1999, he earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

He was an avid basketball player when he was younger. The Oregon Ducks even had him on their basketball team for two years. While attending college, Miguel worked as a waiter at a local restaurant. Two summers in Alaska were spent working as an employee at a fish processing plant, as well. After graduating from college, he traveled to Tokyo to visit a friend.

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While living in Tokyo, he helped found a website and social network for students who wanted to learn a foreign language online.


Miguel was successful in expanding his company and creating jobs for 25 people. In New York City, he worked for Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture before moving back to Los Angeles. He was in charge of overseeing the company’s global retail expansion as the manager of the department concerned with that task. During his time at the firm, he ran into Adam Neumann, a coworker who also worked in the building. Green Desk was founded in 2008 by the two of them after their first meeting. During the course of a single night, Miguel created the company’s name, logo, and functional website.

Founded by Miguel and Neumann as an environmentally friendly co-working space using recycled furniture and wind-generated electricity, Green Desk is already a success. When Joshua Guttman, the landlord of their rented-out building, came along, the two of them decided to sell their business. Afterward, they got to work on the idea for what would become known as WeWork. A small office in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood was the starting point for McKelvey and Neumann’s company in 2010.

WeWork’s chief culture officer, Miguel, has taken over the reins. He was also a part of the design and construction process. Likewise, he contributed to the company’s web design efforts. Actually, he worked in the background while his business partner Neumann rose to prominence as the company grew.

WeWork made an attempt to go public at the end of 2019 despite the numerous concerns raised about the company’s financial stability and the leadership of CEO Neumann. Investors began selling their shares as a result of the bizarre statements and other reports. As a result, the company’s market value dropped from $47 billion to $9 billion, putting it in a precarious financial position.

Despite Neumann’s resignation and the $1.7 billion separation agreement, McKelvey managed to avoid the headlines. Softbank acquired the company in the future. It wasn’t until 9 months later that Miguel returned to work as part of the company’s transition.

Personal Life

Personal Life
Personal Life

His ex-wife, Hiyam Khalifa, was a former investment banker. In 2017, the couple divorced and filed for divorce. To date, Miguel has been relatively mum about the details of his private life.

His public profile has remained low ever since. McKelvey isn’t a big user of any of the major social media sites.

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Miguel McKelvey’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Miguel McKelvey is $900 million. He has assets, investments, and income to blame for this. As a businessman and an architect, he is thought to be the primary source of income for himself and his family. For all his wealth, he wants to keep his life as simple as possible and enjoy the fruits of his labor as much as he can.

Miguel McKelvey had a net worth of approximately $900 million. His job as an American businessman provided him with this income.

FAQs – People Also Ask

How much is Miguel McKelvey worth today?

WeWork co-founder Miguel McKelvey appeared to be marginalized as Adam Neumann and his wife took control of the company. McKelvey, who is worth an estimated $900 million, is now enlisting the help of his fellow investors to save the troubled startup.

What happened to Miguel from WeWork?

According to LinkedIn, after leaving WeWork, McKelvey worked as a part-time advisor for Known Holdings before becoming a full-time partner at NAYAH, a company based in the United Kingdom.

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