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On Chicago Med, Is Marlyne Barrett Expecting A Baby?

You can always count on Marlyne Barrett to be there at Chicago Med. In her role as Maggie Lockwood, the actress has been a steadying influence on the rest of the group and a resolute presence in the many dramatic situations that arise in the emergency department.

However, it is not quite clear if Barrett is expecting a child or not. Fans believe Barrett is pregnant and will miss future episodes of Chicago Fire, similar to a claim about star Kara Killmer. What do you think?

Since Barrett hasn’t confirmed or denied rumours of her pregnancy, we can assume that she is not. Past performers have announced their pregnancies, and shows have gone out of their way to accommodate them, whether by shooting them from unusual perspectives or having them sit through long portions of their sequences.

The most recent episode of Chicago Med, titled “Reality Leaves a Lot to the Imagination,” featured none of these tactics. While Barrett does not play a major role in the episode’s plot, she is featured in numerous sequences using a standard camera setup, just like the other performers.

Where Did “Chicago Med”‘s Marlyne Barrett’s Character Go?

Maggie’s had a dramatic couple of seasons, what with her biological daughter working at the same hospital where she works now and the two of them trying to reconnect. However, it appears that this is only the beginning of the recent developments in her personality.

Where Did Chicago Med‘s Marlyne Barrett's Character Go

Maggie receives some troubling health news in the season 13 episode that aired on February 23. On her day off, she goes to the emergency room because she feels sick, but the diagnosis she expects to be easy turns out to be everything but.

It is Vanessa Taylor, her daughter, who takes care of her. Vanessa, after asking several questions, decides to conduct various tests, one of which is a pregnancy test, which returns positive.

While this news may be difficult for Vanessa to hear, especially if Maggie decides to keep the baby, Vanessa’s daughter assures her that she is there to support her mother in any manner that she needs.

Regrettably, Maggie still has more bad news coming her way.

Vanessa, upon learning the news of the pregnancy, takes Maggie to obtain an ultrasound to determine the gestational age of the baby and hence an approximate delivery date. But as the scan is being performed, Vanessa realizes that Maggie isn’t pregnant after all; rather, she has a tumor.

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Is Marlyne Barrett Pregnant?

Naturally, whenever a female character on film receives a pregnancy diagnosis, fans want to know if it reflects the actress’ real-life circumstances. But neither Maggie nor Marlyne is expecting in real life.

Actress Jennifer Garner and her husband Gavin Barrett have been married since 2009. Despite being together for almost a decade, the couple does not have any children together at this time, and they have not discussed having children in the future.

Never assume that a pregnant female lead in a Hollywood film is actually pregnant in real life.

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FAQs – People Also Ask

Is marlyne leaving Chicago Med?

Can we assume that Maggie Lockwood has left Chicago Med? Barrett reportedly signed a multi-year contract with NBC and the creators of the Med show. This means she will be a regular on the show for the foreseeable future, much like Brian Tee and Oliver Platt, who both inked multi-year contracts in 2021.

Who gets pregnant on Chicago Med?

Chicago Med’s Kristen Hager and her husband, actor Matt Jones, seem to be deserving of some good news. This past week, Hager and Jones took to Instagram to announce their respective pregnancies to their respective fan bases.

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