Macpaw Gemini Review ( A Great App For Identifying Duplicate Folders, Files & Apps On A Mac )

macpaw gemini review

The vast majority of computer users actually have duplicate files on their hard drives. When using an Apple computer, this is especially problematic because it only takes one accidental “import all” click on a phone to create hundreds or thousands of duplicate photos.

Gemini 2 by MacPaw will locate, sort, and delete all of your duplicate files, allowing you to reclaim valuable storage space. Without having to manually go through every file, this can be a great way to save space. 

Gemini 2 is worth every penny, but at $19.99, it’s expensive enough to make you think twice. Is it a high-quality item? Is it effective? To what extent do you think the cost is justified.

macpaw gemini review

In order to save you time, we tested MacPaw Gemini 2 Duplicate Finder and wrote a review of it. They also offer a more comprehensive all-purpose utility called CleanMyMac, which includes a duplicate finder. Our comprehensive review of CleanMyMac is available here.

What Does MacPaw Gemini 2 Do?

The process of using MacPaw Gemini 2 to locate duplicate files and get rid of them is simple. In addition, the software facilitates:

  1. Look for differences between files to determine if you can get rid of one.
  1. Delete duplicates of photos captured in rapid succession.

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  1. An intuitive interface that can be used by literally anyone.

A Review Of MacPaw Gemini 2

I made sure to have plenty of backups before beginning my review of MacPaw Gemini 2. Over a dozen of my iTunes albums contain identical tracks, and I also have over three thousand photos that look exactly the same. 

I’m hoping Gemini 2 can find some space-freeing solution on my ageing MacBook. Duplicate Files Found: I was surprised at how quickly MacPaw Gemini 2 located all of the fake duplicates I had placed in its path.

MacPaw Gemini 2 ate up a lot of my computer’s system resources. If you want to do other things on the computer at the same time as the scan, this could be an issue because the programme needs your input to open any folders.

macpaw gemini 2 review

Effectiveness – Finding duplicate photos wasn’t quite as effective as we’d like, but considering photos are difficult to compare, Gemini 2 did better than most other options we’ve tested, including CCleaner’s duplicate file checker.

It took from 4:50 PM until 5:32 PM to complete the first scan. After the initial, system-wide scan, you’ll have the option of manually selecting which files and folders to scan, from your recents to your photos to your entire hard drive. 

Time-wise, the second scan, which took in twice as many files, began at 5:35 and finished up at 5:43. In a nutshell, scanning a new hard drive won’t affect the time it takes to scan the first one.

If you need to keep copies of files that are otherwise similar, you can exclude those folders from the process by selecting them from a list.

Deleting Duplicate Files

With automatic cleanup, you can eliminate a large number of files in a short amount of time. However, ambiguous items will not be automatically deleted by Gemini 2, so you will need to check them one by one. 

When doing this for the first time, it can take a long period of time because you will need to select each folder, then check the box next to the desired version of the file to delete, and then repeat this process x times. 

macpaw gemini Duplicate Files review

For the second scan, I made copies of my video collection, comic book collection, and eBook collection, and now Gemini wants me to go through over 20 gigabytes of data and manually select which versions of each I want to keep. Obviously, you won’t be dealing with the same volume, but it may take some time.

Ease Of Use And Interface

Reviews of Gemini 2 confirm that MacPaw lives up to its reputation for producing intuitive software. To begin, select either the “Home,” “Pictures,” or “Music” folder to search. As an alternative, you can import folders from elsewhere.

At any time during a scan, you can see where the process stands as a whole, how many files are being scanned at once, and where you currently are in the process. If you pause the search now, you can go back and tidy up what has been uncovered at a later time. 

If you need to perform an operation that requires a lot of resources but scanning hasn’t finished yet, this is a good option.

You then get a synopsis of its findings, after which you can either use “Smart Cleanup” to have it all removed automatically, or click “Review Results” to examine the information manually. In other words, the smart cleanup algorithm will adapt after human review of the results.

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All duplicate and similar files are displayed in one place so you can easily choose which ones to delete. Use the site’s handy filters, sorting options, and search field to zero in on the precise item you’re seeking.

Assuming you have some familiarity with Macs, you should have no trouble getting the hang of MacPaw Gemini 2.

Final Words

Mac users are no strangers to cleaning and optimising their systems, but most software aims to do everything at once. Gemini’s only function is to detect and eliminate identical or nearly identical files. It does this better and quicker than any other available programme.

macpaw gemini Final review

The Gemini 2 programme is perfect for those who need to make more room on their device because of their extensive collection of files. You’ll have even better results if you use it in conjunction with MacPaw’s CleanMyMac X app.

However, if money is tight, you should choose a file cleaner that goes after a wider variety of “junk,” not just duplicates.

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