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Everything You Need To Know About ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3

Get comfortable with your gold-rimmed glasses: A new season of Love Is Blind premieres on October 19. Nick and Vanessa Lachey are back for another round of their blind date experiment, and this time they’ll be introducing viewers to eligible singles who are willing to go on dates—and maybe even get engaged—without meeting each other first.

The Love Is Blind experiment returns with its usual 15 male and 15 female participants, all of whom are prepared to meet the love of their life… from behind a wall. Some people might be able to get married in the next few weeks. As Nancy, one of the new cast members, puts it in the trailer, “scary” as the process may be, it’s worth it in the end to find a life partner.

Love Is Blind can result in a long and happy marriage, as Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton of Season 1 can attest. Creator Chris Coelen told Tudum that even the cast members who don’t end the journey with a “I do” are left more in love with themselves than ever before. Regardless, the upcoming 12 episodes will provide viewers with plenty of opportunities for heartbreak, comedy, and introspection.

Before we go back into the pods, here is everything you need to know about Season 3.

When Is The Love Is Blind Season 3 Release Date?

The third season of Love Is Blind will begin streaming on October 19, with the first four episodes available to view. After then, episodes will continue to be released over the course of the subsequent three weeks. On October 26, the premiere of Episodes 5 through 7 will take place.

When Is The Love Is Blind Season 3 Release Date?

On November 2, Episodes 8 through 11 will make their appearance, and the last set of episodes, along with the season finale and cast reunion, will air on November 9. The official conclusion to the pod squad’s saga that spanned all of Season 3 will take place during the reunion.

What Happens In Love Is Blind Season 3?

People choose to get married to someone they’ve never met before on Love Is Blind, a reality dating show. People looking for love meet possible partners in soundproof “pods,” similar to previous seasons. A blue-lit wall obscures all external markers of identification.

As a result, some participants drop out of the study entirely. Some people agree to marry each other in the pods, and then they meet. Will they still be ready to say “I do” when their love is put to the test outside of the pods?

After visiting Atlanta and Chicago in past seasons, our cast for this one is locals in Dallas.

Who Is In The Love Is Blind Season 3 Cast?

In spite of the fact that Love Is Blind Season 3 will ultimately reduce its cast to engaged couples on their way to the altar, the show will begin with thirty singles who are prepared to give this unconventional approach to dating a go.

Who Is In The Love Is Blind Season 3 Cast?

You can find a complete list of the cast members below. If you want to get to know each of them a little bit better, check out our comprehensive cast guide. It includes information about their professional and personal lives, as well as the social media accounts of everyone you’ll encounter.

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Where Did Love Is Blind Season 3 Film?

Santa Clarita, California served as the setting for the filming of the pod segment of Love Is Blind’s third season. Then, it’s off to the state of Texas, more specifically Dallas, to find out how these engaged couples react when faced with the challenges that come with living in the real world.

FAQs – People Also Ask

When does Love Is Blind season 3 start?

On October 19, the first four episodes of the third season of Love Is Blind will be made available online. In the subsequent three weeks, further episodes will be released. The fifth through seventh episodes will air on October 26th, episodes eight through eleven will air on November 2nd, and the season finale and cast reunion will air on November 9th.

Are Alexa and Brennon engaged in Love Is Blind season 3?

In the third season of Love Is Blind, five couples left the pods together as engaged. So far, though, Alexa and Brennon have shown to be the most stable couple. (Of course, we can only go on what we’ve seen thus far, because Netflix only dropped the first four episodes.) Alexa and Brennon were only able to find common ground in the pods, where they had a mutual appreciation for shakshuka.

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