Locke & Key Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and All We Know So Far!

Locke & Key Season 3 Release Date and All Updates

The start of a new year means a fresh set of puzzles to solve. During the second season of Locke & Key, fans were given plenty of surprises, with everyone returning to Matheson for wild escapades.
The Locke and Key television series are based on the Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodrguez comic book series of the same name. After the murder of Nina’s husband, Rendell Locke, by a former pupil, Sam Lesser, the family decides to relocate from Seattle to Matheson.

Many weird keys can be found around the house that can open doors in mystical ways when the family arrives at Rendell’s home, Keyhouse. As soon as they discovered a demon was also looking for those keys, the good time quickly turned into a terrifying nightmare.

First airing on February 7, 2020, the show was renewed for a second season in March of that year, which began on October 22, 2021, after its initial run had concluded on February 7, 2020. The final season of the show, season three, is scheduled for release in 2022, but the release date and other details are still a mystery to fans.

Locke & Key Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and All

Everything you need to know about Locke and Key Season 3.

When will there be a Locke and Key season 3?

We already knew that the third season would be on Netflix’s schedule for the year 2022.

According to Netflix’s “Get Geeked” campaign, which was launched in November 2021, Locke & Key season 3 will premiere in 2022, along with a number of other “genre” shows like Alice in Borderland and the Witcher.

“Much shorter wait,” according to Joe Hill, has been confirmed for Season 3.

In June 2022 at Netflix’s Geeked Week, we learned that the final season of Locke & Key will premiere on August 10th, 2022, at the earliest.

Season 3 of Locke & Key Plot Synopsis

Last season, Eden used the echo key to bring Captain Fredrick Gideon back to life, and this season, he intends to avenge the Locke children. She can now recall everything, which is a huge dilemma for Nina’s family because she can’t remember anything without it.

Locke & Key Season 3 Plot

Tyler will turn 18 before the third season, which means he has a limited amount of time left to recall the magic and aid his family in the ensuing conflict.

Locke and Key Season 3 Cast: Who Will Appear?

Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez wrote the graphic novel that inspired the series. Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill are the show’s creators and executive producers. Darby Stanchfield will portray Nina Locke, Connor Jessup will portray Tyler Locke, Emilia Jones will portray Kinsey Locke, Jackson Robert Scott will portray Bode Locke, Asha Bromfield will portray Zadie Wells, Leisha Meyohm will portray Abby, and Kevin Durand will portray Frederick Gideon in this season’s cast.

Locke & Key Season 3 Cast

We’re going back to the days when Netflix announced that Season 3 would be the final one. According to them, “three seasons was the appropriate length for the Locke family and their Kayhouse adventures to be brought to a satisfactory finish”. It’s worth noting that this season’s eight episodes are a lot shorter than the previous ones.

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Did Netflix Start Filming Season 3?

Actually, the filming has already been completed! It was confirmed by the actor who plays Tyler on Instagram. There should be no problem anticipating the release of season 3 soon (we hope).

Locke & Key Season 3 Trailer

During Netflix’s Geeked Week in 2022, a trailer for the third season of Locke & Key was released on June 6th. Here’s a link to it:

How many episodes will there be in Locke & Key season 3?

Season 3 will only include eight episodes, down from the season’s 10 episodes in both the first and second seasons. Deadline adds that an eight-episode final season was always the intention of the show’s writers, so anticipate these episodes to be crammed with narrative.

How and where can I watch Locke & Key season 3?

As a Netflix original, Locke & Key can only be viewed on the Netflix streaming service. From August 10th, 2022, the complete season will be available.

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