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Life-changer Dairy Queen, Which Drinks Are Sold ?

Summer is finally here, and like a refreshing breeze on a hot day, the ultimate question is once again upon us: Which would you rather have: ice cream or iced coffee? The arrival of Dairy Queen has eliminated the need to make a decision.

DQ has entered the coffee market, providing us with the exciting prospect of purchasing iced coffee and — brace yourself — frappes.

Just picture a coffee-flavored soft serve Dairy Queen frappe. At the moment, you can choose between Oreo, caramel chip, and mocha frappes, and vanilla, salted caramel, or mocha iced coffee. Actually, we’re drooling too.

In 2023, you can choose from a wide variety of fountain drinks, milkshakes, malts, smoothies, Orange Julius Originals, Misty Slushes, and floats at Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen offers three different sizes of drinks: small, medium, and large. At DQ, you can get a drink in a wide variety of flavours and styles.

Read on for information on the various banana shakes, malts, MooLattes, and other beverages available at Dairy Queen.

1. To start, there are the Banana Shakes and Malts.

Dairy Queen’s famous banana shakes are made with real bananas, vanilla soft serve, and milk, all blended together until smooth and topped with whipped cream.

DQ uses the same base ingredients, but adds malted milk powder to create a thicker and sweeter malt.

Banana shakes range from about 470 calories to about 750 calories, while banana malts have about 530 calories to about 860 calories.

2. Malts and Vanilla Milkshakes

Vanilla malts and shakes are a timeless and universally delicious treat. Milk and vanilla soft serve are combined to make these, and whipped topping is added as a finishing touch.

A small vanilla shake has 520 calories, a medium has 660, and a large has 860.

As an added note, a small vanilla malt has 580 calories, a medium has 740, and a large has 970.

3. Strawberries and malts

Shakes from Dairy Queen’s Strawberry flavour are made by blending DQ soft serve with milk and either fresh strawberries or strawberry topping.

One small strawberry shake has 490 calories, while a medium has 630 and a large has 800.

A small strawberry malt has 550 calories, a medium has 710, and a large has 910.

4. Beverages with Caramel and Malts

Dairy Queen’s signature caramel shake is a blend of caramel, vanilla soft serve, milk, and whipped topping.

A caramel shake can have anywhere from 550 to 750 calories, and a caramel malt can have anywhere from 610 to 1090 calories.

5. Malts and Chocolate Shakes

DQ’s Chocolate Shakes and Malts are made by combining DQ’s vanilla soft serve, milk, and chocolate or chocolate topping in a blender.

6. Rainy Slush

Slushies from Dairy Queen are a popular choice, and the chain offers a wide variety of flavours. Here are a few examples of available flavours:

Mango \sLemon-lime
a berry that’s the colour of a blue raspberry
Toasted kiwi with strawberry
Blush of pink like a party punch
Fight it out by the pool

It wouldn’t hurt to visit your local Dairy Queen to partake in the seasonal Poolside Punch Twisty Misty Slush, which was just added to the menu last week (even if you have to still wear your coat there).

There’s a good chance that DQ won’t keep the Poolside Punch around past the summer months, just like they didn’t with the Tropical Lemonade Twisty Misty Slush they introduced a year ago.

Enjoy this delightfully twisted slush while lounging by the pool on a hot summer day and share it with your followers on social media.

Problems getting to the swimming hole? Not to fret. When you order the NEW Poolside Punch Twisty Misty Slush, it will be like you’re sitting by the pool, no matter where you are.

With just one sip, “your hot car will become a tropical cabana and your backyard will become a poolside resort, making you an influencer no matter where you are.”

Shakes, smoothies, slushes, and sodas are just some of the many beverages available at Dairy Queen. If you’re looking for something new to try, we recommend the coffee-based Moolatte or the whimsical Misty Float.

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