La Brea Season 2: When Will The Sci-Fi Series Be Back On Television?

La Brea Season 2

The first look teaser trailer for the second season of La Brea, which returns to NBC (and streams the following day on Peacock) in the fall, has been released.

According to the creator and executive producer David Appelbaum, “This has always been a show, at its core, that is about a divided family trying to get back to each other.” “In Season 2, we wanted to maintain that same spirit, but in a completely different context. As much as this is going to be an action-adventure roller coaster, it’s also going to be an emotionally charged tale. In Season 2, one of our primary objectives was to find that right balance.”

One half of the family falls into a huge sinkhole, and the other half (along with a slew of other survivors) is sent back in time, where they discover an array of bizarre mysteries that would make even the most diehard Lost fan blush. The show is a grand sci-fi thriller about a family split up across time and space.

Veronica St. Clair, Rohan Mirchandaney, Lily Santiago, Josh McKenzie, Tonantzin Carmelo, and Michelle Vergara Moore also star in the sci-fi hit. Natalie Zea and Eoin Macken also co-star in the sci-fi hit.

Season 2 Of La Brea: When Will It Air?

Season 2 Of La Brea When Will It Air
Season 2 Of La Brea When Will It Air

The first season of La Brea premiered in September 2021, and the show was renewed for a second season the following September. That date, September 27, 2022, was confirmed by the show’s producers as its premiere date for Season 2.

It is possible that the second season will have six episodes, like the first. In the meantime, an official confirmation is pending, and more information will be made available soon.

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La Brea Season 2 Storyline

Few details have been given about the second season’s story or plot. As the show’s creator, David Appelbaum, has stated, the show will attempt to experiment with the timeline to the fullest extent possible. It raises the possibility that Gavin and Isaiah will one day work together. Josh may be in a new time and place while Gavin and Izzy search for their missing family in 10,000 BC Seattle during la Brea Season 2. Regarding Aldridge leading Scott to a futuristic-looking skyscraper at the end of season 1.

In Appelbaum’s words, they’ll be thrust into a universe, unlike anything we’ve seen on the show so far. As he said, “The Harris family will be split into new and interesting ways. In Season 2, we’re going to be putting characters in new and different worlds In addition, much of what we saw in Season 1 will be carried over. Still, there will be characters in the clearing trying to figure out how to survive down there. “

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La Brea Season 2 Cast

La Brea Season 2 Cast
La Brea Season 2 Cast

Several of the show’s most memorable characters are expected to return for Season 2:

  • The show’s main characters are expected to return, including:
  • Jon Seda as Sam
  • Chiké Okonkwo as Ty Coleman
  • Zyra Gorecki as Izzy
  • Natalia Zea as Eve
  • Jack Martin as Josh
  • Chloe De Los Santos as Lilly
  • Josh McKenzie as Lucas Hayes
  • Lily Santiago as Veronica
  • Nicholas Gonzalez as Levi
  • Rohan Mirchandaney as Scott
  • Veronica St. Clair as Riley

La Brea Season 2 Will Have How Many Episodes?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, there will be 14 episodes in the second season of La Brea. But it’s possible that the season could be split into two halves.

La Brea Season 2 Trailer

For the second time, the popular mystery series La Brea will take viewers back in time this fall on television. A major cliffhanger was left in the first episode when Josh and the rest of the group traveled through a portal and found themselves in yet another time and location. For now, NBC has released a brief teaser trailer to pique interest before the show returns at the end of September and begins answering its most pressing questions.

Thursday saw the release of a teaser for La Brea, and it does give a glimpse into the world Josh was thrust into. It’s also possible that there could be a lot more twists and turns in Season 2 because there are now three separate storylines.

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