kakegurui Twin: Confirmation Of Netflix Release Date!

kakegurui Twin

An all-new Anime series based on Homura Kawamoto’s manga, Kakegurui Twin will debut on Netflix later this week. Prequel/spin-off: The show is based on Kakegurui-Compulsive Gambler, a live-action web series that ran from March to April 2021 on Amazon Prime. Since it began serialization in 2015, the manga Kakegurui has gone through 12 volumes.

The creators of Kakegurui decided to make an anime version after noticing how popular the manga series had been. Finally, in November of 2021, the anime adaptation received its official green light.

An additional official announcement made was that MAPPA, the award-winning animation studio responsible for such works as Dorohedoro & Dorora and many others would be animating the show in its current format.

Kakegurui Twin Release Date

Kakegurui Twin Release Date
Kakegurui Twin Release Date

Kakegurui Twin will premiere on Netflix on August 4th, 2022. Kakegurui Twin will be released in a similar fashion to most other Netflix shows, which is to say all eight episodes will be available at the same time. There is no official word on how many episodes the show will have, or whether it will return for a second season. As new manga chapters are being released, we can expect Season 2 news soon.

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What Is Kakegurui Twin’s Storyline?

Mary Saotome, a transfer student at Hyakkaou Private Academy, is the protagonist of Kakegurui Twin. Getting into college is already a challenge, but there’s a catch! She must quickly adapt to the school’s system of gambling because it is a part of it.

What Is Kakegurui Twin's Storyline
What Is Kakegurui Twin’s Storyline

Mary Saotome will be the focus of the spinoff series while Yumeko Jabami is the focus of the main series. She quickly picks it up and goes on a gambling binge that makes her a celebrity.

Kakegurui Twin is set a year before the main series, Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, where Yumeko Jabami enters the Hyakkaou Private Academy.

The manga series by Homura Kawamoto and Kei Saiki is the inspiration for Kakegurui Twin. It is both a prequel and a spinoff of Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler.

While fans wait for the third season of Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, Kakegurui Twin steps in to fill the void left by the cancellation of the original series.

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kakegurui Twin Cast

Kakegurui Twin Season 1’s major characters and voice actors are depicted below:

  • Mary Saotome, voiced by Minami Tanaka
  • Tsuzura Hanatemari, voiced by Rina Honnizumi
  • Yukimi Togakushi, voiced by Yo Taichi
  • Sachiko Juraku, voiced by Yuko Kaida
  • Mikura Sado, voiced by Aoi Koga
  • Aoi Mibuomi, voice by Seiichiro Yamashita
  • Sakura Miharutaki, voiced by Rie Takahashi

How Many Episodes Are There In The Kakegurui Twin Anime?

In the upcoming MAPPA anime series, the number of episodes has not yet been revealed. The show will, however, be able to cover all of the manga’s volumes. It means we won’t be getting as many episodes as before.


Set one year before Yumeko Jabami’s arrival at Hyakkao Private Academy, Mary Saotome is a normal, everyday girl who joins the school. A normal high school student becomes a compulsive gambler by some strange twist of fate.

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