It’s Earth, Wind And Fire Day ( The Band’s Hit, “September,” Immortalized Today)

It's Earth, Wind and Fire Day

Today is September 21. Right now! Thanks for the prod if you’re one of the millions for whom the pandemic has obliterated all concept of time. Others won’t need reminding that September 21 is Earth Wind and Fire Day and thus a good excuse to dance to the R&B band’s timeless 1978 hit “September.”

It's Earth, Wind and Fire Day

It’s easy to see why, nearly 44 years after its release, the song has defied the ebb and flow of cultural fads by remaining popular despite the passage of time. Although bellbottoms and leisure suits have passed into history.

 “September” is still a staple at weddings and high school reunions. In the minds of Black and brown people, this song is synonymous with backyard barbecues and good times. Remixes, samples, and covers of it abound.

Others may recognize “September” from numerous commercials featuring Subway sandwiches, Gap clothing, and Google products, as with many other funk anthems.

 Fans of the Extremely Online laud the song because it inspired Demi Adejuyigbe to create five flawless dance videos, one released every year between 2016 and 2021 at precisely 9:21 a.m.

Earth, Wind & Fire

Jazz, R&B, soul, funk, disco, pop, Latin, and Afro pop were all represented in the music of the American band Earth, Wind & Fire (or EW&F or EWF). With over 90 million records sold, they are among the best-selling acts of all time.

In 1969, Maurice White established the group in Chicago. The Salty Peppers were the seed from which this developed.

 Earth, Wind and Fire Day

The group has honoured with the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Heritage Award, the BET Lifetime Achievement Award, the Soul Train Legend Award, the NARAS Signature Governor’s Award, the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, the Congressional Horizon Award in 2012, and the Kennedy Center Honors in 2019. 

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The band “changed the sound of black pop,” according to Rolling Stone, which praised their “innovation, precision yet sensual, calculated yet galvanising” music. In their opinion, EWF is “one of the greatest bands,” according to VH1.

Last Days And Time

Last Days and Time, their first album for CBS/Columbia Records, released in October of 1972. It peaked at #15 on Billboard’s Top Soul Albums chart and #9 on the UK’s Blues & Soul Top British Soul Albums chart. Last Days and Time has praised by critics and music fans alike. 

The album has praised for its “moving tunes” and “fresh sound,” according to critic Ovid Goode Jr. of the Los Angeles Daily News.

In terms of Cashbox Top R&B Singles, a song titled “Mom” peaked at position #39.

As a result, Roland Bautista and Ronnie Laws left not long after. Denver native Philip Bailey suggested saxophonist Andrew Woolfolk, a former classmate from East High School, to replace Laws. 

Woolfolk had been in New York City learning to play the saxophone from saxophone great Joe Henderson and was about to launch a successful banking career. 

Rhythm guitarists Al McKay and Johnny Graham brought in to fill the void left by Bautista’s departure. Graham used to play for New Birth, and McKay used to be in the Ike & Tina Turner Revue and the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band.

Ornate Sound


Earth, Wind and Fire Day Gratitude

In June of 1975, following their debut tour of Europe, EWF found themselves back in the recording studio. After many attempts, the band released an album consisting primarily of live concert recordings with a few new songs sprinkled in.

White launched Kalimba Productions in the year 1975. Singer Deniece Williams, who in Stevie Wonder’s “Wonderlove” backup band, one of the artists he signed. Another was Ramsey Lewis, who had been in his band. 

Maurice put these and other Kalimba artists on tour with EWF and loaned them the band’s signature Phenix Horns.

Charles Stepney, 45, died of a heart attack in Chicago on May 17, 1976. He had co-produced and arranged EWF’s follow-up LP, Williams’s debut album, This Is Niecy, Ramsey Lewis’s Salongo, and the Emotions’ Flowers, their first album on Columbia Records.

All’n All

The eighth studio album by EWF, titled All ‘n All, released in November of 1977. The idea came from Maurice’s travels in Argentina and Brazil, which took him a month. The album quickly climbed the charts, peaking at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Soul Albums and No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

 Earth, Wind and Fire Day All'n All

 “All ‘n All” displays “Maurice White and his cohorts pushing their music ever more in a febrile jazzrock direction,” as John Rockwell of The New York Times put it.

 In his review for the Chicago Tribune, Monroe Anderson praised the album for its “rare blend of poetry, passion, and artistic progression.”

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A Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo, Group or Chorus submitted for the song. To top it all off, it ended up winning a Grammy for Best Instrumental Arrangement for a Vocalist (s). The film’s score earned platinum status in the United States.

FAQs – People Also Ask

What is Earth Wind and Fire best known for?

The group Earth, Wind & Fire demonstrated the impact of black music. The band’s meteoric rise to fame in the 1970s can traced back to its innovative fusion of jazz, blues, R&B, pop, gospel, African roots, funk, and deep soul, which has had an influence that timeless and universal.

What should I wear to Earth Wind and Fire concert?

The Palace has no strict dress code, but visitors should look presentable. In terms of attire, nice jeans are as laid-back as I’d recommend getting.

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