In Reboot Everything Old Is New To Streaming ( This New Hulu Comedy Pokes Fun At TV’s Obsession)

In Reboot Everything Old Is New to Streaming

Half a dozen Hulu executives listened to a pitch for a new series over coffee and expensive bottled water at an office meeting recently. Certainly not something brand new. The plan is to bring back “Step Right Up,” a popular comedy from the early 2000s about a multiracial family.

 Even though the show canceled after its star left, it has found a surprising amount of success in the streaming market, particularly in the family and “live-to-laugh” categories, as noted by an analytics expert. A coworker asks, “Are we sure that’s not just people leaving it on for their dogs?”

The manager also asks if reboots are still popular. They give him a long list that includes Fuller House, How I Met Your Father, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, The Wonder Years, Party of Five, Party Down, and many more.

“What the hell,” the boss finally concedes. “Let’s reimagine an old favorite.”

In Reboot Everything Old Is New to Streaming

In the pilot episode of “Reboot,” a half-hour comedy on Hulu created by Steven Levitan (“Modern Family,” “Just Shoot Me! “), the show’s premise is so brilliant that it seems inconceivable that no one has thought of it before.

 It’s a turducken of a show, with a multicamera family comedy encased in a single-camera workplace comedy. All of which stuffed into a spoof of the Hollywood industry from behind the scenes. 

The show also serves as a referendum (albeit a pretty entertaining one). On the evolution of the sitcom over the past few decades. And its subsequent shift from network to cable and streaming.

“This really is an affectionate look at our business,” Levitan said from his home office, which featured “Modern Family” cutouts. “The people you meet, the strange situations you find yourself in, the crucial meetings you have to discuss something so utterly inconsequential and mortifying. 

The situation provides a wealth of material for jokes. Several years ago, when “Roseanne” returned and then disappeared after a racist tweet by its star, Roseanne Barr, and then returned again without Barr as “The Conners,” Levitan got the idea for “Reboot.” 

He was curious about the supposed goings-on backstage.

Those the kinds of shows I’d be interested in watching, he recalled thinking. The end of “Modern Family” wasn’t in sight. He thought that in the interim, someone else would have the same idea, but they didn’t. If nobody got the OK, that’s fine. Then he decided to pitch Hulu.

Who’s In The Cast Of Reboot?

The series boasts a who’s who of Hollywood actors and actresses, so it’s worth checking out just for them. Keegan-Michael Key and Johnny Knoxville were among the first actors to have their roles announced.

Reboot Cast Streaming

 And when Hulu confirmed Judy Greer would be joining Key and Knoxville as a series regular, the trio became an absolute must-watch.

 As the show’s original creator Gordon, Paul Reiser (Stranger Things) makes an appearance in this rebooted version. Hannah, a young writer with a new perspective on the rebooted series, played by Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend).

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 Elaine, the executive in charge of the remake who may in over her head, played by Krista Marie Yu.

Who Is Making Reboot?

The idea for Reboot conceived by Steven Levitan, and the script written by Levitan and John Enbom. Levitan co-created the hit television show Modern Family, which went on to win multiple Emmy Awards. Levitan, Enbom, Jeff Morton, and Danielle Stokdyk are the executive producers of Reboot.

While it’s unclear at this time which show specifically inspired Reboot. There have been numerous recent reboots and revivals of television franchises that could have served as inspiration.

 In contrast to Hulu’s recent revival of the How I Met Your Mother. Franchise with the series How I Met Your Father. This show appears to aimed at fans of sitcoms like Full House and Roseanne. Which both received sequels in the form of Fuller House and The Conners.

Reboot Trailer

 Reboot Trailer Streaming

On August 23, 2022, the teaser trailer for Reboot released. Some of the series’ antics hinted at here. Hannah, played by Rachel Bloom, is a new writer who first appears in the trailer making a pitch to Hulu. During the meeting, she brings up the idea of reviving the fictitious hit sitcom Step Right Up! with its original cast.

When Elaine reveals in the trailer that she is the VP of Comedy. But is completely new to being on set and to humor. In general, it seems to be a jab at Hulu. 

It will take some time for the cast and crew of Step Right Up! to gel as newcomers and veterans alike adjust to the realities of 2022 comedy production. Overall, the show seems to have a breezy, carefree vibe that should elicit a good deal of hearty laughter from its audience.

Casting & Reception

It also announced that Keegan-Michael Key and Johnny Knoxville would be starring in the series. 

 Reboot Casting & Reception

The website’s critics agree that while the film’s. “Meta jokes that could have used more bite” don’t exactly reinvent the Hollywood satire. “Reboot’s more conventional qualities—namely a delightful cast” make for a mirthful enough watch. 

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The weighted average of 18 reviews provided by Metacritic puts the score at 67/100, indicating “generally favourable reviews.”

FAQs – People Also Ask

What makes a show a reboot?

The term “reboot” commonly used in serial fiction to indicate a fresh start for a previously established fictional world, work, or series. The continuity of a show thrown out the window and everything started over.

Is reboot and remake the same?

A reboot essentially a new version of an existing idea or character. While a remake simply an updated version of an existing film. A remake will stick closely to the plot of the original film. It inspired by, while a reboot will come up with an entirely new plot.

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