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“High School Of The Dead” – Everything We Know About Season 2 Of This Anime!

Based on the book of the same name, ‘High School of the Damned,’ or ‘Apocalyptic Institute of education: High School of a Dead,’ is a popular Japanese horror anime. Daisuke Sato wrote the script, and his brother Shoji Sato did the artwork.

Publication of the anime took place in Fuji Shobo’s Magazine Dragon Age from September 2006 through May 2013, however the project was unfinished at the time of Daisuke Sato’s death in 2017.

Between March 2007 and April 2011, Fuji Shobo & Kadokawa Shoten published seven Tankobon volumes in Japan. This anime series is published in the United States and Canada by Yen Press.

In 2011, the manga was adapted into an anime series, and it was an instant hit with fans. The show was so well received that it is still considered a classic amongst fans of anime on television. Unfortunately, ‘School of the Dead’ has not yet been extended for a second season, much like many other excellent anime shows.

Update On When Season 2 Of “High School Of The Dead” Will Be Available To Watch

Season one began airing on Jul 5, 2010, with its conclusion airing on Sept 20, 2010. High School of the Dead had a special episode of original video animation made available to viewers that same year.

Nevertheless, since then, nothing new has occurred, and fans have already been waiting excitedly for nearly a decade to learn anything about season two.

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the show’s renewal and subsequent return to television. Fans of both manga and anime quickly caught on to the show after its initial airing. Sadly, ‘High School of Dead’ has a lot of issues, whereas other shows don’t.

Thus, the series has a higher degree of difficulty than the others. As soon as the show premiered, it became a smashing success. Since then, there has been constant speculation about when the highly anticipated anime series would finally be released.

However, it appears that show will not be renewed for a second season. As the mangaka past away in 2017, the series has remained incomplete.

But all is not lost; perhaps a fresh author will emerge. If a fresh writer is hired, the season 2 of a anime may premiere as early as the end of 2023, but that’s quite improbable.

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Do We Have Any Hope Of Season 2 Arriving Soon?

Since the anime’s original creators no longer desire to continue the series, a network in the United States is rumoured to be responsible for producing Season 2.

Because the manga’s author past away in 2017, the series that served as inspiration for the anime has been left unfinished. Nonetheless, the audience holds out hope that more episodes will be released shortly.

As one of its writers had already passed away, the plot seemed to be at an end. It’s possible to adapt the second season of Hs of the Dead from the manga, despite the fact that there are only three volumes left.

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The potential for the anime to continue, however, was hampered by a number of circumstances. Creators have informed the series’ artists that they have no interest in working on further episodes.

Highschool of the Dead’s production studio, Madhouse (Overlord, No Game No Life), has moved on to other projects, further indicating that the series won’t be continued in manga or anime.

On the basis of this information alone, the season one conclusion left viewers all over the world feeling like they’d been hung.

They haven’t only been left hanging over Highschool of the Dead’s plot, but also its climax. Fans will miss this anime even more because of its timeless storyline of a zombie outbreak and its visually appealing characters with its spice of attitude.

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Does Anyone Know Anything About The Status Of Season 2 Of “High School Of The Dead”?

As the show’s makers did not want to make a second season, it is likely that a U.S.-based anime network will run it. The decision may have been influenced by the horrific earthquakes and tsunami that rocked Japan recently.

As a result, there wasn’t enough time or money to continue the series. The first season has been picked up by other international networks due to its massive popularity and distribution potential.

VOD, Sentai Filmworks, the Zune Marketplace from Microsoft, and Madman Media in Australia are a few of the networks that have the rights to broadcast the shows in question.

Junior high of the Dead season 2 speculations have been circulating online, and fans who are eagerly awaiting further information may be aware of some of these theories.

In an interview with a Japanese website, Shoji Sato noted that it is difficult to illustrate another manga series inside the writer’s mourning absence. Moreover, he mentioned that many people from all over the world have been contacting him to ask them to draw the manga’s next chapter.

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In addition, he added that it would be quite difficult to find someone writer that shares Daisuke Sato’s vision. If they discover someone who can carry the manga forward, they will definitely want to collaborate with the different author.

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