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Cast Of Friends To Reunite For Tv Special

The Friends reunion we’ve all been hoping for has finally happened after months (or years) of speculation and speculation. After 25 years, the cast of the classic sitcom has reunited for a special to air on HBO’s streaming platform, HBO Max.

Even though production had to hit a few snags while the globe stopped owing to the virus, the big day has finally come. The complete set of project details follows.

In the promo, we see the Friends cast reunite on the original set, taking a Friends trivia test, seeing iconic locations from the show, rehearsing important scenes, and sitting down for an interview with James Corden in front of a huge crowd.

The singers’ genuine closeness as friends is revealed in the interview’s more revealing parts. One of the performers says during a group embrace, “I am in love with you so much.”

The Sky’s Full With Stars Once More

Stage 24 at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank is where Jenifer Aniston (Rachel), Courteney Fox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Sophie), Matthew LeBlanc (Joey), Mathew Perry (Chandler), and Dave Schwimmer (Ross) first filmed together. The entire cast of six will also serve as producers.

Ben Winston, a writer for “The Late Late Show,” will take the helm. Together with Kevin Brilliant, Marta Kaufman, and David Crane, as well as Emma Hurley and James Longman, he serves as an executive producer on Friends.

After the news of the reunion broke, the actors took to social media to share a selfie of themselves with the tagline “It’s happening” and tag each other in the post. (Thank goodness Aniston and Perry have joined the app’s ranks.) The Mark Seliger–shot cover of Rolling Stone magazine from May 18, 1995.

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Cox added, “When we first arrived on the scene, I don’t think anyone of us had a notion how upset we was going to get, if any idea at all” in an interview with Good Morning America before the reunion aired. It was “so emotional that we simply began crying,” she said, explaining how the studio had looked “exactly the same.”

Perry consented. I knew seeing this group back together would be a powerful emotional event. It has been, he added.

Cox and Aniston admitted they’ve been watching repeats of the show to catch up, and admitted that even that was emotional. Cox stated that during their most recent viewing, they “laughed and sobbed” at memorable scenes like Ross & Rachel’s first kiss.

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The Reunion Show Is Not A Whole New Episode Of Friends

The core cast will get back together, go back to the set, experience some surprises, and show some behind-the-scenes video, but they won’t be playing their original roles. They’ll be acting as themselves, without any disguises.

Last words from HBO Max: “I would like to make it very clear that this is not a fresher, new show in the series, to prevent any confusion surrounding what the special is. All of the actors will be in attendance, but not in their roles.

The final episode of Friends was filmed on Apr 10, 2021, and the cast and crew made the announcement on Instagram.

Originally scheduled to begin filming on March 23 & 24, 2020, in Hollywood, the production was “deferred until at minimum May,” as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Next, Bob Greenblatt, chairman of WarnerMedia’s entertainment and direct-to-consumer divisions, elaborated on why it was important to get the actors back together in person. Having a large, loud live audience witness the reunion of these six close friends is important to them, he said.

Production was supposed to start in the summers of 2020, but the epidemic “pushed it back indefinitely,” as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

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Jennifer Aniston responded to the delay by saying, “It’s going to be amazing,” in a telephone conversation with Deadline. Do you want to know something? We now have more opportunity to produce it even more thrilling and enjoyable than it already was.

Hence, I will take the postponement as a silver lining. Let’s be clear: we’re not leaving. I’m sorry to break it to you, but Friends is here to stay. You’re going to have to live with us forever.

We’re extremely sorry to have to reschedule it again,” Aniston said. “The question was how to implement this for real-time viewers.” We are not in a secure period. Period. What it comes down to is that. Right now is not a secure opportunity.

David Schwimmer told Entertainment Weekly in the past that he hoped the reunion will take place in 2020. We’re crossing our fingers that we can get together and film it in Aug, but we’ll do it whenever we’re confident it’s safe for us to do so. The only question is when is the most secure time to carry it out.

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The Hollywood Reporter quotes anonymous sources as saying that the actors will earn between $2.5 and $3 million for their participation in the reunion show. Compared to the $1 million each episode they were making when Friends was on, that’s a huge increase.

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