Flooding Kills Seven In Central Vietnam ( The 2020 Central Vietnam Floods Were A Series Of Floods In Central Vietnam)

Flooding kills seven in central Vietnam

H Ni, Oct. 19 (Reuters) – At least seven people have killed by flash floods caused by heavy rains in central Vietnam this month, according to the government.

According to the government’s Dyke Management, Flood and Storm Control Committee, tens of thousands of homes flooded on Saturday in the provinces of Thua Thien Hue, Quang Nam, and Quang Ngai.

More flash flooding and landslides predicted, and residents of mountainous areas in the three provinces told to leave their homes immediately. (Nguyen Nhat Lam filed this report) 

The search and rescue committee reported on Thursday that heavy rain in northern and central Vietnam caused floods and landslides that killed 46 people and left 33 others missing in the worst such disaster in years.

Flooding kills seven in central Vietnam

Because of its extensive coastline, Vietnam frequently hit by powerful storms and devastating floods. Last year, storms claimed the lives of over 200 people. Agriculture Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong quoted on state-run Vietnam Television as saying, “In the past 10 years, we haven’t suffered from such severe and intense floods.”

The central region of Vietnam hit by a typhoon just last month, causing widespread flooding and destruction as well as the loss of electricity. On Monday, Vietnam was once again hit by devastating floods.

“Our entire village has had sleepless nights…impossible it’s to fight against this water, it’s the strongest in years,” a local of the province of Hoa Binh in the northwest quoted as saying by VTV.

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An area that is normally dry becomes flooded when an excess of water (or very rarely, other fluids) overwhelms its drainage systems. As a noun meaning “moving water,” the term can also used to describe the incoming tide. Because of their detrimental effects on crops, infrastructure, and human health, floods are a major focus of hydrological research. 

Flooding  in central Vietnam

Human-caused changes to the environment, such as those involving land use (such as deforestation and the elimination of wetlands), waterway courses (such as levees), and larger environmental issues (such as climate change and sea level rise), often increase the intensity and frequency of flooding.

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The size of a lake or other body of water can change depending on the amount of rain or snow that has fallen, but this is not usually causing concern unless it threatens to flood nearby buildings or drown livestock.


If precipitation or snowmelt supplies water faster than it can absorbed or drained away, the result could be flooding on flat or low-lying areas. In places where it allowed to accumulate, the surplus can reach potentially dangerous heights. 

Flooding Types

In areas with a shallow water table, like a floodplain. Or after a particularly heavy downpour or series of downpours, the topsoil can become saturated and infiltration halted.  In addition, infiltration through frozen ground, rock, concrete, paving, or roofs is very slow to nonexistent.

 Since the speed of overland flow is influenced by the surface slope. Flooding typically begins in low-lying areas like floodplains. And local depressions that not linked to a stream channel. Areal flooding can occur in endorheic basins if rainfall is greater than evaporation.


Natural precipitation and controlled or uncontrolled reservoir releases. All contribute to the water that eventually makes its way into a drainage channel. But the amount, location, and timing of this water all ultimately determine the flow at downstream locations.

 Rainfall can lost in a number of ways: through evaporation; slow percolation through soil; temporary storage. As snow or ice; and rapid runoff from surfaces like rock, paved roads, roofs, and saturated or frozen ground. 

If you’re dealing with a larger watershed, the main channel’s slope is the next most important factor. For both small and large watersheds, the slope of the channel. And the intensity of the rainfall rise in importance to take their places in the top three.


In addition to tornadoes and hurricanes, floods can cause a lot of damage. When water is in motion, it can destroy anything in its path, including bridges, buildings, homes, trees, cars, etc. More than a million homes lost to flooding in Bangladesh in 2007. 

Flooding Effects

Every year, floods in the United States cost businesses and individuals over $7 billion in lost revenue. The loss of electricity has domino effects, and floods often cause damage to power transmission and even power generation. 

It may difficult to mobilize aid and provide emergency medical treatment if roads and transportation infrastructure damaged.

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When flood waters cover farmland, it becomes unusable. And impossible to plant or harvest crops, which can result in food shortages for humans and livestock. When a country hit by catastrophic flooding, the entire harvest may lost. Long-term flooding of the root systems of some tree species could prove fatal.

FAQs – People Also Ask

What damage can be done by flooding?

Bridges and roads can severely damaged by both the weight of vehicles and the debris carried by floodwaters. Flash floods are not only dangerous for people, but also for utilities such as electricity, phone, and cable. Since flood waters can erode soil and contaminate ground water. It may be unsafe to drink the water from the tap during a flood.

How does flooding cause death?

One of the most common ways people die in floods is by drowning. The vast majority of these fatalities result from sudden floods. You can easily knocked off your feet by six inches of swiftly moving water. Using a pole or stick to probe the ground below standing water can help you determine. Whether or not it is safe to proceed.

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