Extract Rar Archives Mac ( Quickly Open RAR Files On Mac )

extract rar archives mac

If a file is going to be sent over the internet, it is usually compressed first. When it comes to software, RAR is one of the most widely used compression formats for both emailing large files and extracting them from a zipped archive.

 On the other hand, macOS users frequently face the conundrum of how to open.rar files on Mac, a problem that rarely arises for Windows users. In this article, we’ll explore various methods for extracting and opening.rar files on a Mac.

extract rar archives mac

Roshal Archive Compressed files, or just RAR files, are commonly used for their compression. It’s a file archive that stores multiple files and requires special software to access them all. 

Documents, pictures, and even.exe files (used by all programs) can be saved. However, some RAR files are encrypted and require a password before they can be extracted. While cleaning out my Mac, I accidentally erased some photos, files, and applications that I needed. Lucky for me, a coworker of mine also had access to the same records.

 I asked for a copy of the files to be sent to me. He emailed me a RAR archive of the files. I’m currently exploring options for launching RAR files on my Mac. Can you recommend one?

Best Ways To Open Or Unzip RAR Files On MacOS?

Extract Mac .rar Online

First, let’s talk about how to extract.rar files on a Mac and how simple it is. You won’t have to spend any extra money on this technique, and you can use it anywhere.

extract rar archives mac or Unzip RAR Files

However, when you only need to extract a small number of archives, doing so online can save you time and effort. For instance, Archive Extractor is an excellent tool for unpacking.rar archives. 

The quickest and easiest way to unarchive a file is to go to the site and then drag and drop the file from your Mac’s hard drive onto the page.

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Zipx, rar, 7z, tar, dmg, exe, and over 70 other compressed file formats are all supported by Archive Extractor.

Use A Third Party Unarchiver For Mac

On a Mac, you can use a third-party unarchive tool to access and extract RAR files. Here are a few of the most highly regarded Mac archivers and unarchive to consider if you’re in the market for such a program. 

Here we’ll show you how to use Cisdem Unarchiver, one of the best and most highly recommended unarchive utilities for Mac, to open RAR files on your computer.

Use A third party extract rar archives mac

 All of its features are described in the linked article above. Cisdem Unarchiver for Mac users who need to open RAR files –

To begin: 1. Obtain Cisdem Unarchiver from the internet and install it. 2. Select + Add from the main menu. The left pane will now display all of your RAR archives.

3. When you select a RAR file, its contents will be displayed on the right, and you can preview them with a single click.

Click the file you want to unarchive, and then click the Extract button at the top of your browser.

Simple, right? You can now access the extracted files from wherever you chose to save them. For Mac users looking for a RAR extractor, Cisdem Unarchiver is offered in both free and premium versions.

Creating A RAR File On Mac OS

Apple’s Archive Utility, available on Mac OS X, can unpack compressed archives like ZIP, GZIP, TAR, and others. However, it does not have built-in support for extracting RAR files.

WINRAR, like its counterpart for Windows, is also available for Mac OS, albeit in a command-line-only form. On Mac OS, WINRAR is not accessible via a graphical user interface. RAR or Mac isn’t particularly user-friendly because it requires using the command line (Terminal). Thus, there is a lack of demand for RAR on the Mac.

extract rar file archives on mac OS

In fact, when it comes to software options, making a RAR file on a Mac is severely lacking. SimplyRAR is a free, open-source, graphical user interface (GUI) program for making RAR archives on Mac OS.

It should be noted, however, that the Utility’s creators no longer offer assistance, as they have likely gone out of business.

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To get SimplyRAR, do as follows:

  • The Free Download link is available in SimplyRAR, which you can access by opening the program.
  • The program should then be installed after being downloaded.
  • Launch the program’s utility once installation is complete.
  • Put the files or folders you want to compress into RAR format into the utility program’s window by dragging them there.
  • Proceed by selecting CREATE RAR.
  • Whenever prompted, choose where you’d like to store the RARed folder or file.

             Please confirm this action by selecting OK.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Can Mac unarchive RAR?

In contrast to ZIP files, Apple’s macOS and os X do not ship with a default archive utility programme capable of opening RAR files. Archive Utility, a preinstalled app in Mac OS X, has limited functionality. Only the ZIP (. zip) and GZIP (. gz) archive formats can be extracted.

How do I open a RAR file without WinRAR Mac?

Utilizing Mac OS X’s The Unarchiver

You can get The Unarchiver from the Mac App Store for free if you’re using macOS on your work computer.

 RAR files with encryption and multi-volume archives are supported by this app. It’s also not going to give you an error message if the RAR file’s name contains non-Latin characters.

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