Eminem Curtain Call 2: New Album Release Date, And How Many Songs Are Going To Be Featured?

Eminem Curtain Call 2 New Album

In the early hours of Monday, American rapper Eminem announced the release date of his upcoming album Curtain Call 2. On Twitter, the 49-year-old rapper shared the cover art for his upcoming album, along with the release date, and some viewers were less than pleased.

The follow-up to Eminem’s 2005 album Curtain Call: The Hits, a greatest hits collection, is expected to be released in the near future. Slim Shady is depicted in the center of the cover art holding up a devil’s horn sign. Miniatures of Eminem’s previous album covers fill the frame.

Album art was apparently disliked by a significant portion of the audience. According to one user, “There’s still time to change the cover.” “I get that this album cover is going for pinball/video game vibes…but this is not the one,” another fan wrote in the comments. It’s high time we found a new graphic artist.”

Is It Coming Out Soon?

The album will be released on the 5th of August, 2022, by Shady Records/Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records.

Is It Coming Out Soon
Is It Coming Out Soon

Limited edition box sets and autographed vinyl will be available in addition to the standard release.

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What Songs Will It Feature?

Since his 2009 album “Relapse,” Eminem has worked on a variety of projects, including side projects, guest appearances, soundtrack songs for films, and his own solo albums, all of which will be included on “Curtain Call 2.”

As a bonus, Eminem will feature CeeLo Green’s collaboration with Dr. Dre on his song from the recent Elvis film “The King And I.”

Some Eminem fans have already noticed that the cover of ‘Curtain Call 2’ contains references to previous albums, including the fighter jet from ‘Kamikaze,’ as well as devil horns and skyscrapers from Detroit.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, when you flip the cover over, the numbers reveal crude calculator jokes (558008 becomes “BOOBSS,” for example).

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Curtain Call 2 Songs Tracklist 

  1. Godzilla (Ft. Juice WRLD) Lyrics 
  2. Lucky You (Ft. Joyner Lucas) Lyrics
  3. Lighters by Bad Meets Evil (Ft. Bruno Mars) Lyrics 
  4. Gnat Lyrics 
  5. Cinderella Man (Ft. Kobe) Lyrics
  6. Walk on Water (Ft. Beyoncé) Lyrics
  7. Rap God Lyrics 
  8. Love the Way You Lie (Ft. Rihanna) Lyrics
  9. Won’t Back Down (Ft. P!nk) Lyrics
  10. Higher Lyrics 
  11. Berzerk Lyrics 
  12. Not Afraid Lyrics
  13. From The D 2 The LBC by Eminem & Snoop Dogg Lyrics 
  14. Nowhere Fast (Ft. Kehlani) Lyrics 
  15. Fall Lyrics
  16. Phenomenal Lyrics 
  17. Fast Lane by Bad Meets Evil Lyrics
  18. You’re Never Over Lyrics
  19. 3 a.m. Lyrics
  20. Space Bound Lyrics
  21. Beautiful Lyrics
  22. The Monster (Ft. Rihanna) Lyrics 
  23. Venom Lyrics
  24. Crack a Bottle (Ft. 50 Cent & Dr. Dre) Lyrics
  25. Is This Love (’09) (Ft. 50 Cent) Lyrics
  26. River (Ft. Ed Sheeran) Lyrics 
  27. Survival (Ft. Liz Rodrigues) Lyrics 
  28. Best Friend by Yelawolf (Ft. Eminem) Lyrics
  29. Darkness Lyrics
  30. Kings Never Die (Ft. Gwen Stefani) Lyrics 
  31. No Love (Ft. Lil Wayne) Lyrics
  32. Headlights (Ft. Nate Ruess) Lyrics
  33. The King and I (Ft. CeeLo Green) Lyrics
  34. Farewell Lyrics

In This New Edition, Is There Anything New?

Only recently, Eminem released “From the D2the LBC,” a new single starring Snoop Dogg, and now there’s news of a new greatest hits compilation. “From the D to the LBC” was the name of the single.

From the album “Curtain Call 2,” this song was chosen as the lead single.

You can expect to hear a previously unseen song on the compilation, which is scheduled to be released “in the coming weeks.”

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