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Wealth Of Wine From A Good Affair ,At The Moment, You Can Purchase A Bottle Of Bon Affair Sparkling Sauvignon White For $14.99.

Bon Affair’s founder, Jayla Siciliano, has been in Shark Tank in the hopes of receiving a $150,000 investment in exchange for 35% ownership.

Jayla begins by making an educated judgment as to whether or not the majority of Sharks enjoy drinking wine and are concerned about their health; Jayla is one of 50 million Americans who share this view.

As much as she enjoyed herself at work-related dinners and events in the past, she simply could not afford to be hungover the following morning.

For this reason, she began diluting her wine with soda water so that she could stay out later and enjoy herself without worrying about how she would feel the next day. She was suddenly struck with the idea to launch the product, and she promptly quit her job to devote herself fully to Bon Affair.

Infatuation on “Shark Tank”

Bon Affair combines quality California wine, pure sparkling water, and electrolytes to create the first ever wine spritzer.

Although there is no sugar added and 6.5% alcohol content, Jayla warns that this beverage is no substitute for a good, full-bodied wine. She prefers Bon Affair, which she describes as “the nicest sparkling water ever.”

Jayla provides each Shark with a sample. When Robert inquires as to the caloric content of a standard glass of red wine at Bon Affair, Jayla reveals the shockingly low number of 65 calories.

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The Addition Of Electrolytes To Beer Improves Its Hydrating Effects Compared To Plain Beer.

Mark inquires as to whether or not Jayla has conducted sufficient testing on the Bon Affair wine, and Jayla responds that she has.

She has put up $35,000 of her own money and has been working tirelessly to make ends meet.

When Jayla’s savings ran out, she went to pitch investors and ended up getting a stunning $450,000 from two private investors she’d never seen before.

Kevin chortles with delight at her $2.6 million appraisal, and Jayla proudly dubs herself a little sharkette.” Jayla goes on to state that she has discussed a relationship with any of the Sharks with her company and that everyone involved sees value in doing so.

The investment required to bring Bon Affair to a wider market is enormous, but Daymond says he thinks the category is fantastic.

Like the Skinny Girl margarita, which Jayla claims to have heard about at a party, many other drinks have their roots in the grassroots movement toward healthier drinking options. Daymond claims this is so unusual that it verges on the hypnotic for him.

And According To Draymond, Jayla Needs At Least $5 Million In Investment To Make A Dent In The Market.

He claims to have “lost his shirt” on one investment, implying that the investment was a disastrous financial loss for Draymond. The first Shark to back out was Daymond. 3

Kevin inquires of Jayla if she is familiar with the largest consumer of wine worldwide. The word “women” is Jayla’s response, which Kevin promptly dismisses.

Actually, the biggest buyer of wine is Costco. Kevin believes there is just one customer for the goods west of the Mississippi, so he wonders why Jayla hasn’t tried to get into the massive Costco market.

Kevin claims that his predicament is complicated by the fact that Jayla has wasted a lot of investor money and that there is a lot of groundwork to be done before the product can be released. Kevin has already tried his hand at investing in this market and decided it was not worth his time.

Barb is astounded by Jayla’s success in attracting $700.000 from investors. Despite Barb’s high regard for Jayla as a salesperson, she has learned that there is a “double sell” involved. Barb decides she can’t risk her money on a new product, so she pulls out as well.

Jayla takes Mark up on his offer without hesitating because he has given her precisely what she requested.

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Mark And Jayla Discuss Their Company On Episode 212 Of Beyond The Tank.

Mark responded by suggesting they install a container for people to use when drinking by the pool. In time, after Jayla’s insistence, they added an aluminum can to their collection.

She also initiated contact with a major vineyard that utilized over 200 wholesalers all throughout the country.

She considered signing an equity agreement to drive down the price of other stockholders’ shares, but she’s hesitant now because she’s not sure how Mark would react.

She presented the potential contract to Mark and informed him that the distributor is willing to offer them their network and contacts, noting that they are not yet profitable but could use a bit more power.

Mark agreed in the end but mentioned that he required a minimum number of sales made before closing the contract. He boosted Jayla’s self-assurance by telling her she was on the right track with her choices.

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At The Moment, You Can Purchase A Bottle Of Bon Affair Sparkling Sauvignon White For $14.99.

The ‘Vice Meets Virtue’ White Wine Spritzer and ‘Vice Meets Virtue’ Red Wine Spritzer were previously available but are out of stock at the moment.

Those curious about the others can pick some up at stores like Quality Liquor Shop and Goody Goody. These were also sold on Amazon at one point (but have since been removed).

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