Big Brother Season 24: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, And Everything We Know So Far!

Big Brother Season 24

Xavier Prather, a former model who is now an attorney, became the first Black winner of “Big Brother” in the show’s 23-year history.

A group known as “The Cookout” was formed by Xavier and the other five Blackhouse guests, and their goal was to vote out the other guests and win the game. Xavier discussed the significance of his victory for the African-American community “Representation was the goal for this season,” he told CBS Mornings. You can be successful in society without being, you know, an outstanding athlete or an outstanding entertainer, which is what we want to demonstrate to little black boys and girls.” According to the man’s remarks, “I think it was important for American society to see the fact that you can be an upstanding citizen while still maintaining your black identity.”

When Will Big Brother Season 24 Premiere?

The official premiere date for Season 24 of “Big Brother” has not yet been set, but the casting call has already been posted. Evictions took place on Thursday nights during Season 23, which began airing in July, according to Newsweek. Afternoons at 8 pm was the time slot for all three one-hour episodes In addition to the three weekly shows, Paramount+ offered 24-hour live feeds.

When Will Big Brother Season 24 Premiere
When Will Big Brother Season 24 Premiere

When compared to the show’s humble beginnings, three episodes per week may seem excessive. There were five episodes per week in Season 1, which was followed by six later on by Hidden Remote in Season 2 in 2000. There were 70 episodes of “Big Brother” aired in the United States during Season 1, which aired in 88 days. That’s a lot of pressure!

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Big Brother Season 24 Storyline

Season 24 of “Big Brother” will be interesting to watch in light of the Cookout alliance and the controversy that surrounded it. “Big Brother” contestants have formed alliances before, but this was the first time there were enough black contestants to form an alliance and guarantee one of them would win the competition. Despite the fact that it made for compelling storytelling, it did not amuse all of the viewers. One fan wrote on the Cookout’s Facebook page, “If this were an all-white alliance, CBS would break it up,” according to the Los Angeles Times. This was refuted by TV critic Andy Dehnart, who noted that “over the course of 23 seasons, this show has had more than its share of all-white alliances.” Andy Dehnart

Big Brother Season 24 Storyline
Big Brother Season 24 Storyline

Despite The Cookout’s triumph, CBS was slammed for its handling of race relations during this season. Specifically, host Julie Chen Moonves refused to bring up The Cookout to the evicted white house guests. “The evicted Houseguest’s story was not impacted by the mention of The Cookout,” a spokesperson for the show said. Also, the show has received criticism in the past for omitting footage of racial unrest captured on the network’s 24-hour live feeds but not shown during broadcasts. “That’s the most important thing — to have representation behind the camera,” Dehnart told the newspaper.

Big Brother Season 24 Cast

Famous and talented actors are featured in this production, including

  • Audrey Middleton
  • Austin Matelson
  • Becky Burgess
  • Clay Honeycutt
  • Da’Vonne Rogers
  • Jace Agolli
  • Jackie Ibarra
  • James Huling
  • John McGuire
  • Meg Maley
  • Steve Moses

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How To Watch Big Brother Season 24 

Big Brother’s latest season premieres live on CBS at 8 p.m. FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV all offer CBS as a live streaming option for those without traditional cable or satellite television. Subscribers to Paramount Plus Premium and the CBS app can also watch episodes live as they air.

Big Brother season 24 can be watched on-demand the day after it premieres on the CBS app and Paramount Plus if you don’t like the previous viewing options.

On the subject of Paramount Plus, the Big Brother Live Feed will be hosted there if you want to know more than is shown on TV about what is happening in the house.

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