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Are There Any Surviving Bachelor Couples? List Of 2023’s Top 5 Bachelor Couples!

Even though The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have been on for 84 long, unhinged years (okay, just 19, but still! ), each season is essentially the same: an individual who definitely-isn’t-trying-to-be-famous-how-dare-you trying to find love with several dozen aspiring actors/influencers unknown strangers in the span of, like, a month.

Surprisingly yet, this setting does foster some strong romantic attachments! Which makes sense, as the programme is essentially a glorified summer camp in which you and your pals compete for the same individual. Feelings are at an all-time high.

However, feelings can change quickly, and many couples in The Bachelor Nation end up splitting up after the series ends. In fact, reality hits differently than reality TV, which is why most couples on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise break up after a few months.

If you’re in the mood to hold on to optimism and shout “BACHELOR LOVE IS REAL!” at your screen, though, there are a few adorable outliers. Here are the 24 couples from Bachelor Nation who remained together after the show ended.

Priority #1: Trista Rehn & Ryan Sutter

According to reports, ABC’s first Bachelorette Trista Rehn was supposed to propose to fireman Ryan Sutter now at end of her season, but the proposal really came from Sutter. In a broadcasted ceremony in December 2003, the couple tied the knot, and they continue to be celebrated as the franchise’s biggest success story nearly 18 years later.

Trista and Ryan currently reside in Colorado with their two children, Max & Blakesley, neither of whom will ever, under any circumstances, be permitted to see their season of The Bachelorette.

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2. Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried

In the end of season nine of The Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock chose Chris Siegfried as her suitor. Fans at the time were sceptical of their relationship because Desiree had accepted Chris’ proposal so soon after expressing her sadness at the departure of Brooks Forester, the season’s original front-runner who famously exited the show after simply telling Desiree he was just not that into her.

To the surprise of many, Chris and Desiree got married in January 2015 and currently have two kids, Asher & Zander Cruz.

3. Sean Lowe, Catherine Giudici

On the series 17 finale of The Bachelor, “born-again virgin” Sean Lowe chose Catherine Giudici over Lindsay Yenter, which caught several viewers by surprise. Prior to the episode’s airing, rumours spread that Sean has asked for Lindsay’s hand in marriage, and everyone, including Lindsay herself, appeared confident that this would be the case.

Though Sean’s proposal to Catherine was unexpected, they have since shown that their love is strong enough to stay. Their first live TV wedding was in 2014, and since then they’ve settled down in Dallas, Texas with their three children: sons Samuel and Isaiah and daughter Mia.

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4. JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers

The dynamic duo of JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers. Despite claims that they had met before the programme aired, they ended up falling in love on season 12 of The Bachelorette.(Jojo emphasised they had never met before the beginning of filming, though she had overheard Jordan’s name mentioned in association with casting.)

After finally meeting one other, sparks soared, and the rest, as they say, is Bachelorette history. This May marks the third time the couple had to postpone their wedding due of the pandemic.

Every time we’ve had to push the date back, it’s been a whole year because we can’t have it in the fall. “Jordan’s gone to football all fall, and our venue is only blooming and gorgeous for a couple of months of the year because it is outside, as a result, we’re just halfway through the year,” JoJo told Us Weekly.

No, it’s fine that we didn’t get our deposit back. We’re so happy with this location that we can’t imagine having it anywhere else.

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5. Tanner Tolbert, Jade Roper

Successful matchmaking isn’t necessarily what comes to mind when you think of Bachelor in Paradise. Still, the show has produced at least a few happy marriages. After meeting and becoming engaged during season 2 of BiP, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert made it official in a televised wedding special for ABC.

They moved to Los Angeles with their daughter Emerson and sons Brooks and Reed after some initial difficulties (which were documented for Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars in 2016). What’s more, they just celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary!

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The real adventure for several of the couples from Bachelor Nation occurs when the cameras stop filming. While some couples, like Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi in 2010, ended things on an explosive note, for others the fireworks kept going long after the flowers had been thrown.

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