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Are Malts Available at Dairy Queen? Does Dairy Queen Have Malts

Malts are an old-fashioned flavour of ice cream that a lot of people really like. They are frequently offered together with milkshakes in ice cream stores and diners around the country.

When you go into your neighbourhood Dairy Queen location for the next time, will you be able to purchase a malt there? After all, the business is well-known for the abundance of ice cream offerings on its menu. The following is an account of my research on the subject!

Do Malts Exist at Dairy Queen?

In the year 2023, malts, which are also known as malted milkshakes, are sold at Dairy Queen. Due to the striking similarities between the two, you’ll find them listed in the same section of the menu as the Dairy Queen Shakes.

Malts from Dairy Queen feature the same ingredients as shakes, but in addition, they contain malted milk powder, which gives them a thicker consistency and makes them sweeter. Malts are typically available in seven distinct flavours.

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Exactly how Many Malt Flavors Does Dairy Queen Offer?

Chocolate, Hot Fudge, Nut Butters, Caramel, Banana, Strawberry, and Vanilla are the standard flavours available for malts at Dairy Queen. Other available flavours include Banana and Caramel.

There is a possibility that not all of these flavour selections will be available at every location, while some may have their own menu that includes extra malt varieties.

Calling the shop in advance will allow you to find out exactly which varieties are stocked at your neighbourhood Dairy Queen.

At Dairy Queen, what separates a Shake from a Malt and Why Would You Want One Over the Other?

According to one franchise of Dairy Queen, the primary component that differentiates malts from shakes is the addition of malted milk powder, which is what gives malts their characteristically thick consistency.

Milk, soft-serve ice cream, malted milk powder, and additional flavouring are the components that go into making DQ Malts. A milkshake from Dairy Queen, on the other hand, is made out of milk, soft-serve ice cream, and flavouring of some kind.

Malts from Dairy Queen are significantly more viscous and sugary than milkshakes. On the other hand, nearly all of the DQ milkshake varieties are also available as malts, and you can order either one.

In addition, the calories in a malt at DQ are higher than those in a milkshake.

How Would You Describe the Flavor of a Dairy Queen Malt?

Malted milk powder, which is the primary component of DQ malts, has a flavour that is toasted and, in all other respects, impossible to characterise. You have probably already experienced the flavour of malted milk powder if you’ve ever had a Whoppers candy.

Malts can be purchased from participating Dairy Queen locations. You can find these in the same section of the menu as the shakes, and they come in nearly all of the same flavours as the shakes that DQ offers. S’mores is the only flavour on the menu for which malts are not offered; customers can have any other flavour.

The fact that malts are both sweeter and more substantial than milkshakes has contributed to their growing appeal over the years. At Dairy Queen, malts are a deliciously nostalgic option for dessert, and customers have their choice of seven different flavours.


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