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A Judge In The Bronx Has Ruled To Imprison The Alleged Stepfather Of A Murder Victim. Days After His Release, Tyresse Minter

A Bronx dad convicted of killing his teenage stepson with a grip was released without bail but is now back in jail for breaking parole.

After being ordered freed without bond by Supreme Court Judge Naita Semaj-Williams at his preliminary hearing on manslaughter and homicide by criminal negligence charges, Tyresse Minter returned to court on Thursday. At the arraignment, the prosecution requested that he be kept without bail.

Public safety is my number one concern. “Tyresse Minter was taken into jail this morning after a warrant was issued for him by the Bureau of Prisons and Local Supervision,” she stated in a statement that was written.

Following the indictment for intentional intentional murder and manslaughter, “DOCCS is commencing the parole revocation procedure.”

On Thursday, Minter’s Re-Arrest Was Reported By The Governor’s Office

Minter, age 28, was already out of imprisonment for only one month when, on January 23, he fought Corde Scott, his partner’s 15-year-old son.

According to the prosecution, Minter placed Corde in a choke hold and wrapped the legs over the teen to bind him, cutting off the boy’s air supply. Prosecutors claim Minter hesitated 20 minutes before calling 911 after Corde lost consciousness.

Police were considering filing charges against Minter days after Corde’s death and alleged the boy had brandished a knife during the altercation.

An uncle of the youngster told the Daily News in January that Minter told family members a different tale at the hospital emergency room, saying that he was only trying to calm Corde down when the teen abruptly stopped breathing and fainted. And the prosecution didn’t even mention that a knife was discovered.

Karen Glenn, Corde’s distraught mother, claimed that the judge’s choice to free Minter “disheartened” her.

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During a disagreement at their house earlier this year, Minter allegedly grabbed his stepson in a suffocating position and cut out the teen’s oxygen, leading to homicide and careless murder charges against Minter.

The stepfather, who received an indictment last week, was released on bond of $10,000 by Judge Naiti Semaj on Wednesday, despite the fact that prosecutors had requested that he be held without bail.

Although the accusations against Minter were serious enough to warrant posting bond, the board’s parole liaison recognised during Friday’s hearing that Semaj was releasing Minter under his own recognisance.

The majority of Minter’s life, Rivera claimed, was spent “in and out of prison” and he had a “history of absconding.”

He has been punished for fighting, making a disturbance, harassing others, having a weapon, and giving false information while he has been in jail. According to what Rivera told the judge, this demonstrates that Minter will not respect the court’s authority or comply with a return to court date.

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At Long Last, A Court Has Agreed To Throw This Bronx Ex-Con Back In Jail

She found it really challenging to maintain composure under the circumstances. I am relieved that the legal system recognised the issue with his release. I have faith in the judicial system, and I pray that it will be upheld.

Glenn stated that the death of the sophomore at Lehman High School will have a long, sad effect, but that the indictment would bring her family “one step closer to peace.”

“My kid was just 15 years old when he died in the place he should have felt safe,” Glenn sobbed. I don’t know what possessed him to do it.

They were having an argument about words. Now, he and Corde would be the only ones to know, but Corde is mute. His 5-year-old sister never got the chance to know him.

During the proceedings, the arbitrator reportedly stated that she had no reason to believe Minter posed a flight risk because she had turned herself in to authorities. He was given a supervised release order by her.

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Even though the prosecution attempted to make the case that Minter’s story transformed when he was interviewed by police when he told law enforcement Corde pulled a weapon.

When he initially made no such allegations when he identified as 911 or called for first responders, the source said that Semaj-Williams viewed Minter’s admission to police as a point in his favour.

The judge’s ability to issue bail was not affected by the state’s bail rules. In circumstances of homicide, New York law permits courts to set bail.

Corde Scott’s death is a tragedy. Mr. Minter is as aware of this fact as anyone else. Bronx Defenders attorney Archana Prakash said that Minter “completely cooperated with this inquiry” by turning himself in to the police.

The charges against him are for carelessness and indifference rather than malice. Let the legal process take its course without any further involvement from the legislature or incendiary reportage.

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After spending nearly 3 and a half years of a five-year sentence for assault, Minter was unconditionally released to probation a month before the fight. A 2018 shooting led to the original charges of attempted murder against him.

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