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Forget Samsung Galaxy S20 & iPhone 11 Pro Max- It takes guts to be a wise


Samsung Galaxy S20 or iPhone 11 Pro Max? No Thanks, I’d rather wait for 5G smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S20 or iPhone 11 Pro Max? No Thanks, I’d rather wait for 5G smartphone

Why buy a new iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S20 if you can wait fort he featured-packed 5G-powered iPhone.

It appears that every time there is an additional insane rumor of a new flagship smartphone that will change how the humanity explore the new technology, change how people intercommunicate with the internet and take photos of your precious moments, wave or do something that is otherwise groundbreaking. But do consumers care to refrain from asking should the humanity ever really need that new smartphone on their hands?

Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and amongst the major mobile phone makes definitely want consumers like you to believe so. As with the situation of Cupertino-headquartered technology giant, while they might be a trillion-dollar company, if you don’t purchase that new flagship iPhone from them, you can hear that great narrative of being an investors’ darling and tech pioneer go up in smoke—most of its profits still comes from iPhone sales, even 13-years after the original iPhone was launched dating back in 2007.

I still have not purchased from what is certainly now deemed an old iPhone X that I purchased a couple of years ago. The device itself has significantly dropped drop its price several times, traveled abroad, hasn’t been reformatted nor installed a new battery pack. And yet, I can’t see myself getting rid of my aging iPhone. Here, at least in my humble point of view, are the reasons why I can’t dump of it and upgrade to latest one just yet.

The expensive retail price!

Look, those latest iteration of Apple smartphones including the flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max are way much overpriced! For an instance, on my Verizon plan, I would have to spend $36.67 per month for three-years and shell out an extra $5.00 per month on top of it should I opt to “get the option to upgrade early by trading in your phone after you cough out half the retail price tag.” Furthermore, I have to cash out yet an additional $30.00 one time tariff just to make the switch to a newer iPhone. Not only that, I will still have to pay another $66.00 in sales tax.

What will I get?

After forking out all those hard-earned stash of dollars from my savings account what am I really winning? A faster chipset? Better pictures? Incrementally better battery life? Is any of that worth it the money I will pay for? Are to date’s new iPhones worth any of the additional pricey market price?

As for my rationale on why it is not wise to upgrade to current iPhone and the technology inside is that none of the claimed benefits are revolutionary. I can browse the Internet, respond to messages, take photos and do a bunch of Internet-based errands speedily and effectively with my two-year old iPhone X. There is no avant-garde feature that has me needing to upgrade to a new smartphone — at least for now.

5G, next-generation of mobile networks beyond LTE mobile networks.

While the fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology for digital cellular networks and its availability will depend on what part are you are in the country, it may take several for the massive impact to be experienced. However, joining the ease of use of an iPhone and possible 5G wireless technology seems like something game-changer that I need to be part of. And yes, I would invest thousand dollars or more for such a smartphone.

That high speed wireless connectivity that 5G has to offer would certainly bring my productivity to a whole new level, making me more efficient in the field of my profession. Nevertheless, it will depend if Apple will launch a 5G iPhone in September, whether 5G would be accessible in the Bay Area where I reside. If that’s the case, then I will be one of the first in the area to get a new 5G-powered iPhone, but not until then.

Zeddie Tee

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