Target v Walmart Black Friday 2018 Deals Clash: Which Big-Box Offers The Best Advertised Deals and Biggest Sales?

Walmart published a 37-pages Black Friday ad and every page of it often crowded with more deals and discounts. Target releases a 48-pages of deals and doorbusters in its advertisement.3 min

Walmart vs Target Black Friday 2018 Ad In-Depth Review — Which Store Offers The Best Deals and Biggest Sales?
Walmart vs Target Black Friday 2018 Sales Ad Thorough Review — Who Offers The Best Deals?

Black Friday always break its own sales records each and every holiday shopping seasons and this 2018 will be no different. The Black Friday 2018 occurs on Nov. 23rd, but the deals and doorbusters will be released in advance with Walmart, Amazon Best Buy, Target and other retail chains hoping to cash in from your savings.

While Walmart usually reign with its big-ticket Black Friday deals, Target was always been competitive and this year the bullseye retailer is aggressively expanding at full swing and offers some of the best bargains this 2018. A horde of foot traffics and online shoppers will be securing Target’s and Walmart’s best Black Friday deals this year. The Walmart Black Friday 2018 deals ad as well as Best Buy’s and Target’s adverts we’re already released in advance.

Walmart Black Friday Deals 2018

  • iPhone X, 8, or 8 Plus — Free $400 Walmart Gift card
  • iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR — Free $300 Walmart Gift card
  • Galaxy S9, S9+, or Note 9 — $300 Walmart Gift card
  • Galaxy S8 or S8+ — $300 Walmart Gift card
  • iPad 9.7-inch 32GB (2018 Model) — $249 ($80 savings)
  • Xbox One X 1TB Console-Only for $399 ($100 savings)
  • Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $299
  • PlayStation 4 1TB Slim with Marvel’s Spider‑Man Bundle for $199
  • Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft bundle for $199
  • PSVR Astro Bot Bundle for $199 ($100 savings)
  • Sharp or TCL 65-inch Roku 4K Smart UHD TV — $398
  • Sharp 50-inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV — $249
  • Hisense 40-inch FHD 1080p LED TV — $99
  • Fitbit Versa Smartwatch for $149 ($50 savings)
  • Google Home Hub $99 ($50 savings)
  • Google Home Mini for $25 ($24 savings)

Target Black Friday Deals 2018

  • Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL — $200 Target Gift Card
  • iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR – $250 Target Gift Card
  • iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 or iPhone X – $150 Target Gift Card
  • Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note 9 – $300 Target Gift Card
  • Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle — $299.99 ($59.99 savings)
  • PS4 1TB Spider-Man Bundle — $199.99 ($100 savings)
  • Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Bundle with $20 Target Gift Card — $199.99 ($100 savings)
  • Element 55-inch Smart 4K UHD TV — $199.99 ($180 savings)
  • Google Home Mini smart speaker – $25 ($24 savings)
  • Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones — $89.99 ($110 savings)
  • Fitbit Versa Smartwatch — $149 ($50.95 savings)
  • Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote — $24.99 ($15 savings)

The Black Friday deals shouldn’t wow us: the Arkansas-headquartered Walmart went for quantity of available products on sale, while Minneapolis-headquartered Target went more mid- to upper-class, with small amount of deals, but higher-quality products.

Walmart vs Target Black Friday Ad 2018

Both Target and Walmart have released their Black Friday ad catalogues already, revealing their best and exclusive deals on toys, clothing and consumer electronic products for the post-Thanksgiving sale.

Walmart published a 37-pages Black Friday ad and every page of it often crowded with more deals and discounts. Target, on the other hand, releases a 48-pages of deals and doorbusters in its advertisement.


For the first time in years, Target undercuts Walmart in terms of number of TV deals available in their circulars. Target is advertising a total of 21 TV deals with markdown price tags ranging from $79.99 to $799.99. Walmart, meanwhile, will be selling a total of 9 TV sets that will cost $99 to $498. In terms of cheap price points, Walmart outshines Target, but the latter has the cheapest 4K Smart UHD TV for only $199.99 only.


Target is throwing out a free $250 gift card with purchase and qualified activation on iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max on Verizon, Sprint or AT&T. It also offering a $150 store credit on iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 or iPhone X.
Walmart is giving away record-breaking $400 gift card with purchase and activation of either iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ or iPhone X. It is also offering $300 gift card on either iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or the less-expensive iPhone XR.

Video Games

The video game consoles are the next bigger focus next to TVs. Walmart advertises nearly double the quantity of consoles and video game releases as Target does in its Black Friday ad. Both chains are offering a $199.99 PS4 1TB Spider-Man Bundle and $299.00 Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle. Walmart is offering the more powerful Xbox One X Black Friday deal.


With Toys R Us departure due to bankruptcy, one will need to fill its position. Target has already announced a large-scale tactics to invest in its toy department. A couple of months ago, the bullseye revealed that would roll out more than 2,500 new and exclusive toys for the entire holiday shopping season. Walmart is also going to take a bite of Toys R Us space by releasing a thousands of exclusive toys. But looking through and comparing their Black Friday ads, it seems that Target has more exclusive toys on sale with 13 than the Walmart, which has 4 only.

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