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iPhone XS and XS Plus Sept. 3, 2018


iPhone XS Release Date: New features we’d like to see on iPhone XS Plus

Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus Launch Confirmed September 12th.

Apple is widely anticipated to launch at least a couple of new iPhone models on the second week of September that would likely be marketed as the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Plus. As is the instance annually, the new flagship smartphones will ship with the latest and most advance processor technology, upgraded specs and improved cameras.

But there are a a number of features currently missing from the iPhone that are already present on competing high-end smartphones and ones that could technically be effortlessly equipped on an iPhone.

Dual SIM

Apple has long been neglecting the dual SIM craze, which has almost become a conventional on Android cellular devices and is a required standard for many available populated markets such as India and China.

Premium smartphones from from Huawei, LG, Asus and Samsung have been supporting dual SIM card capability for a recent years now. It definitely makes traveling abroad with your personal phone a way more convenient and cheaper. Many consumers also use it at homeland by paying one wireless carrier for phone calls and the other for data.

There are a speculation swirling across the worldwide web that the Cupertino-headquartered tech giant could be releasing an iPhone with dual SIM capability this year, thanks to source code found on the iOS 12 beta versions, though it’s still unclear which models of the handset will get the aging feature.

120Hz ProMotion Display

Remember when Apple first launch the retina screen display promotional marketing first equipped on the iPhone 4 and everything else washed out in comparison? Moving to a display with higher refresh rates has a quite similar effect and the technology company has already implemented it on the 10.5-inch iPad that features a “ProMotion” display panel.

The fluidity of scrolling the browser or the animation effects in iOS has really stand out, and would make it into a great feature on its smartphone lineup. The tech giant could possibly limit this feature to the larger iPhone XS Plus to mark off between the two models and might even include support for Apple Pencil.

Dedicated Camera Button

Launching the camera app on the past and current generations of iPhone requires a tap or swipe on the display panel, whereas many Android OEMs allow launching the camera system by double pressing the power or volume physical buttons.

This action allows users easily launch the camera app in the time it takes for you to hold the phone up to take a photograph.

Always-On Display

Do you find yourself double tapping the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Plus every few minutes just to peek for any notifications? An always-on display is becoming a standard on Android devices equipped with an OLED or AMOLED display and we’d many would definitely like to see this feature on an iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus.

OLED panels are quite efficient when it comes to particularly powering up the handset’s screen. With the trillion-dollar company switching to OLED last year with the introduction of iPhone X, there is a quite bit of reason to not support this one and would give users less reasons to pick up or double tap the iPhone.

We’ll only know which of the these features we liked that make it to the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus at Apple’s iPhone 2018 launch event, scheduled for September 12.

iPhone XS and XS Plus Sept. 3, 2018

Mark Julius

Originally from the Quezon City, Mark graduated from PUP with a B.S. in sports and video games. He served as Editor-in-Chief of The Pamantasan, the university newspaper, for a couple of years.

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