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New iPhones Release Date- iPhone 9, Xs, X Plus September 12 Apple Launch Event Confirmed


iPhone 9, XS, X Plus Release Date: Apple to launch 2018 iPhones in September 12

Here’s everything we could see at the Apple’s massive iPhone launch event on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.

New iPhones Release Date- iPhone 9, Xs, X Plus September 12 Apple Launch Event Confirmed
Apple’s annual iPhone September launching event is fast approaching, in fact it’s just around the corner, and the launch of new premium smartphones that’s widely anticipated to secure its spot as the first trillion-dollar company in the world.

The 2018 new iPhone lineup will be the center piece of the launch event, naturally. The consumer electronic product that has driven the Cupertino-headquartered tech giant’s stock for the recent decade is still the most vital to the Apple’s continued growth. How many new iPhone models will be offered in the market for this year’s cycle, what design will the tech firm take, and its manufacturer’s suggested retail price tag? What other new hardware products might the company show off on the spotlight in what has all the indications of a 2018 fall release date?

Apple iPhone 2018: iPhone 9, Xs, X Plus Release Date

Relentless rumors and speculations has been scattered all over the worldwide web heading to September release date regarding the new iPhone 9, XS, X Plus, but as the launch date approaches, the evidences are falling into their right place. The first is the 2018 iPhone release date.

Apple hasn’t threw out the invites just yet, but based on recent release history — where the iPhone launch event took place on either Tuesday or Wednesday of the second week of September — that means where looking at September 11 or 12. And since 9/11 is not the release date most firms would intentionally opt for a grand product announcement, we’re are predicting Wednesday, September 12.

Here’s everything else we might see at this year’s new Apple iPhone release.

iPhone 9, Xs, X2, 11 2018 -2018AUG22 01

Apple iPhone 2018: New iPhone Xs with LCD display

In 2017, the iPhone X was an gamble release for Apple for the iPhone 10th anniversary. The top notch wasn’t popular at first, there were mass production matters with its advanced TrueDepth camera system that delayed the selling the iPhone X, and the $999 starting MSRP raised concerns.

We are expecting the company to release a refreshed iPhone X — iPhone Xs – same design with an upgraded specs. And to win over price conscious consumers, all the indications point to ditching the OLED display for a new 6.1-inch LCD iPhone which will be more affordable — likely in the $600 to $700 starting price range.

The affordable iPhone will have the infamous notch design (popularized by the iPhone X) that houses the TrueDepth camera system and other sensors. And it’s widely anticipated to be available in new colorways.

iPhone 9, Xs, X2, 11 2018 -2018AUG22 02

Apple iPhone 2018: iPhone X Plus flagship

With the the release of the iPhone X, Apple has acquired a knowledge that selling somewhat fewer iPhones than recent years can pay off in a better way. A $999+ smartphone drives up its average sale price, and a higher ASP can translate into big earnings.

A continued average sale price climb is a main reason why Apple stock has continued to soar.

Expect Apple to make a play to keep iPhone ASP on an ascending trend — despite the impending new and affordable LCD iPhone — by adding an iPhone X Plus to the 2018 lineup. This one is speculated to feature a 6.5-inch OLED screen display, the biggest ever on an iPhone history and slightly larger than Samsung’s recently released Galaxy Note 9. There are also speculations that both the iPhone Xs and iPhone X Plus could support the Apple Pencil, in another hit at the Galaxy Note.

Should Apple keeps the 2018 iPhone Xs at $999 price tag, expect the iPhone X Plus to cost at least $1,100. Add in the rumored Apple Pencil support (a $99 add-on accessory) and many shoppers could be shelling out to secure new iPhones this year.

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