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New iPhone Leaks suggests Apple will ditch Lightning port for USB-C 2018JUNE13


New iPhone Leaks suggests Apple will ditch Lightning port for USB-C

Apple Inc., will dump its proprietary Lightning charging port on its next-generation iPhone devices in favor of the tech industry standard USB-C.

Latest iPhone leak has revealed Apple’s blueprint for a massive changes which has even greater long-term weight.

Cage Chao of Digitimes claims his multiple sources at several IC (integrated circuit) suppliers have made it clear that the Cupertino-based technology giant will finally ditch its proprietary lightning charging port in favor of the new and reliable mobile industry standard USB-C.

Moving from a proprietary standard to an open source one would seem like a strange strategy for the wolrd’s most valuable company in terms of market capital when it has a stranglehold on the wild, but Chao claims that Apple’s reasoning as an aspiration to unite the charging standards of its MacBook and iPhone lineups. It should be worth noting that Apple gets paid from a licensing fee for anything that uses its proprietary standard and that includes lightning charging port and among others.

Why Apple’s action makes sense to the industry because they suspect the Infinity Loop no longer sees major revenue in wired cables as well as accessories by design. This started back in 2016 when the iPhone maker ditched the 3.5mm audio jack and drove wireless earphones adoption with the AirPods. Last year took the next pace when Apple introduced wireless charging — the ‘AirPower’ arguably fast wireless charging.

New iPhone Leaks suggests Apple will ditch Lightning port for USB-C 02_2018JUN13

For this year though, it will take this a step further as next-generation iPhones will come with wired fast charging cables support out of the box so revenues from third-party fast charging wired charger will dwindle. Meanwhile, speaker docks have long been filled by audio streaming over Bluetooth and AirPlay.

And to turn Apple over during the switch from lightning charging port to USB-C, the company will continue to pocket royalty licensing fees from the tens of millions of Lightning port-equipped iPhones, iPads and iPod touches already owned by consumers.

Chao claimed that “Apple is still in its redesign phase” so iPhones will not immediately make the transition to USB-C until 2019. It only mean that we’ll still see Lightning port-enabled iPhones at least one more year, but given APple’s premium smartphones range will be totally overhauled this year we suspect many won’t be able to wait another year before upgrading to the latest one. Most especially when the new iterations will entice consumers with some surprisingly huge discounts.

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