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Google could partner with smartphone makers like Vivo or Lenovo for the next-generation Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. 1 min

Google focuses on perfecting Pixel 3's hardware-software tight integration 2018MAY28

To swallow up or not to incorporate the famed top notch is the question most smartphone original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seem to be facing as of late. Ever since the Cupertino technology company, Apple Inc., unveiled its 10th anniversary edition iPhone X with the bezel-free screen display and the notch to house the front-facing camera and multiple sensors, it became a kind of must-have trend and nearly every mobile phone started sporting this feature. There may be a reconsideration on this should a number of rumors doing the rounds on the distinctly possible design of the next iteration Pixel smartphone to be announced by Google, which may be marketed as the Pixel 3.

While nothing official has been revealed by the search engine giant so far, there is no stopping the rumors and speculation about the Google Pixel 3.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”434″ align=”center”]Following the acclaim reviews the Pixel 2 XL got in the market, most especially the tight integration of software into the hardware, it could be the turn of the hardware design that Alphabet’s company may focus on to get the virtually perfect smartphone yet. It could line in some of the popular mobile makers who have the best device building capabilities. Brand names like Lenovo and Vivo are being tossed about; as indicated these are just rumors by industry pundits, probably Google fans even.

However, some cannot completely dismiss these speculations, since the concept has surfaced from an image Google has included in the visuals of Android P functioning in the public beta version of the mobile operating system that it has released to select phones.

[agg-ad id=”4520″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”4523″ align=”center”]Additionally, the aspiration to get rid of the notch has been picked up from users’ feedback. And some other OEMs have already teased glimpses of such a possibility; Lenovo’s Z5, Vivo’s Apex and Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2S are all cited as examples of devices trying to have a bezel-free display without the notch.

With the Android P OS, Google may have the best mobile operating ecosystem in the market and if it can get the right and proper hardware with the Pixel 3, the search firm may have an invincible smartphone in the market in fall against Apple, Samsung, and among others. With all that being said, one should not be totally shocked should the Google Pixel 3 does equip a notch.

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