Warriors vs. Rockets Game 2 Results: Houston upstages Golden State, series now tie at 1-1

The Houston Rockets rebounded in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, massively defeating the Golden State Warriors 127-105 to equalize the series at 1-1 win each. Rockets vs Warriors Game 3 will be at Oracle Arena, where Golden State is 6-0 in the 2018 NBA Playoffs.2 min

Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Game 3 NBA Western Conference Finals 2018

The Houston Rockets have made it clear that one of their prime concern on offense in the Western Conference finals is attacking Golden State Warriors‘ superstar Stephen Curry.

The Houston Rockets have opted to adopt the Cleveland Cavaliers’ tactics of regularly attacking Curry while on offense. Curry has been targeted more in these postseasons than ever before in his NBA career.

The master plan is one the Cavaliers have featured prominently when playing the Warriors in the NBA Finals, certainly back in 2016, when they won the championship. The Cavs often had whichever player Curry was guarding set a frame for Kyrie Irving or LeBron James, forcing a switch so they could attack Golden State’s weakest defender.

Houston have adopted the game plan, and it helped them steal the win in Game 2 over Golden State, as the Rockets came up with a huge 127-105 victory that evened the series at 1-1.

Ahead of the Western Conference Finals, superstar Kevin Durant has been warned against having the mind set of being satisfied with getting a split on the road.

The Golden State Warriors has been defeated in this game when the team carried out nine turnovers in the first quarter and fail to recall how to guard the ball in their possession. Golden State also had no definite answer defensively as the Houston Rockets hastened the running game and moved remarkably without the ball. Houston’s ball movement lead to key professional basketball players getting involved and them driving the contest in Game 2.

Offensively, the Warriors’ offense was virtually all about Kevin Durant. Regarding his stats, he posted 38 points on 13/22 shooting on Game 2 alone. Meanwhile, the Golden State franchise superstar player Stephen Curry, his offensive struggles continue, as he keep up to search for his right timing and rhythm, all while splurging his energy on defense. In Game 1 though, Curry was tedious but did other things to help the Golden State clinch the victory. In Game 2, meanwhile, Curry was absolute passive. To Curry’s commendation, he will not confess that he is still hindered by his knee. Since Golden State had to heavily depend on on Durant tonight, was running the game’s offense through Durant the plan primarily? Did the rest of the lineup take themselves out of the contest and watch the aforementioned star go on an isolation plays?

Technically, the Golden State succeeded in getting a break on the road and it was anticipated. However, there was no excuse for them to play apathetic. No excuse to stray from composure, nor to play passively on both ends of the court.

Now, the Warriors has three more days to shove it up their ass. Remember how the Warriors let the matchup get out of hand and carry this throughout the series to conquer the Rockets and advance to their 4th consecutive finals.

Isolations serve an objective in the playoffs. They not only allow Houston to strike one of the few weak holes in the Golden State’s protracted, asphyxiating defense, but the Rockets also slow the pace down and help to minimize turnovers.

The Rockets addressed a number adjustments, they played with more energy and agility, pushing much more after turnovers and missed shots. Houston polished up many of their mistakes in Game 2.

The Rockets will still face a tough test as they head to Oakland for Games 3 and 4 against a inspired Warriors roster.

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