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Sony PS4 System Update 5.50

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PS4 5.50 System Update Download Adds New PlayStation 4 Pro Features

Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) users will soon be able to download system update 5.50, which offers a slew of new features.

The registration to download the beta test of a “major” new PlayStation 4 (PS4) update has recently rolled out, and now the beta has officially get underway. With the beta update gradually starting to roll out to select PS4 owners, Sony has earlier stated the details of what to expect from what we now know is PlayStation 4 system update 5.50.

The update has changes that affect a wide variety of areas on the gaming system. The Library has now been divided into two different section: One lets you see everything you purchased from your account and the other one only displays what’s currently installed on the gaming console itself.

There’s also a division where a user can see which game titles you only “own” through the PlayStation Plus. Should a subscription has expired, video games on the PS4 with system update 5.50 beta will be displayed with a lock icon on top of the PS Plus logo. With all that being said, this is meant to let a user know that he can re-subscribe to recover access to the video game in locked. Moreover, a new selection will allow user to hide “certain” items from the Purchased list including tutorials, demos, trials, and betas.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”438″ align=”left”]As for customization, custom wallpaper had also been executed to some extent previously, but the PS4 5.50 system update allows user to import any kind of images through USB to apply as background image. A new USB storage device option has been included to the Themes section of the Settings menu.

And for those wanting to limit how much a PS4 is used, the new Play Time Management feature has been also added, which is mainly intended kids gamers. This new feature allows adult user to track duration played and set daily time limits.

As for the PS4 Pro owners, you will receive a new supersampling feature that will be of interest to those who have the gaming system connected to a non-4K display monitor.

Similar to what’s offered through specific video games with PS4 Pro enhancements, the new setting allows supersampling to be utilized for more game titles. This process comprehends a video game being rendered at a higher resolution and then downscaled to your display’s screen resolution.

If you registered to beta test the PS4 5.50 system update, keep an eye on your email for information on accessing it.

Ronald Delos Santos

Ronald has been a technology journalist since 2012 and was previously reporting for The Centrio Times. He also covered tech industry news in his first job as a reporter with a local magazine, based in Makati.

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