Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus Leak Reveals Expensive Price

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus flagship smartphones is just around the corner as it's just few weeks away from being officially launched to the public.2 min

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price 2018

The Samsung’s Galaxy S9 flagship smartphone is just around the corner as it’s just few weeks away from being officially released to the wild.

The new Galaxy S9 will definitely appeal the Android fans out there as the flagship from the South Korean tech giant appears exciting with the handset looking set to include a bunch of improvements as compared from its predecessor.

Faster CPU, improved battery life and an updated form factor design – which will see the fingerprint biometric sensor move to a conveniently better position.

Samsung has also hinted a number of major enhancements to the photography department with the South Korean tech company claiming: “On February 25, Samsung Electronics will showcase the next generation of Galaxy devices that reimagines the camera and redefines the way you share your moments.”

It’s rumored that the camera on the Galaxy S9 will be much better in low light condition and offer far superior image stabilization and some new lighting effects.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”3104″ align=”center”]Samsung’s larger S9 Plus, on the other side of the corner, will also receive a photographic improvements with a dual-lens shooter arriving to the back snapper of the phone. Over at VentureBeat the rock-solid and ever-reliable Evan Blass claims that the camera system of the S9 may feature a lens that can seamlessly switch from f/1.5 to f/2.4 with a mechanical adjustment. Wide-open apertures will give a better quality of photos in low light (that’s the f/1.5 bit) and a shallower depth of field.

However, in spite of all these new features and improvements in every component of the device, there could be one massive reason why the older Galaxy S8 may still be more desirable than the successor.

A latest leak from a mobile network in South Korea has hinted that the Galaxy S9 will be much more expensive than the predecessor.

If the rumors are to be believed, it could mean that this latest high-end smartphone from Samsung will cost over $900 while the S9 Plus could push through the $1100 margin.

[agg-ad id=”834″ align=”center”]Contract prices, on the other hand, could also be expensive with Samsung’s new flagship smartphones typically priced over $57 per month.

We won’t find out official pricing until February 25th launch event but this new flagship devices form Samsung looks appeal the Android fans.

With all that being said, it doesn’t really matter what the Galaxy S9 does or does not offer in terms of features, the retail price jump is notable and will make some people raise their eyebrows and question the real value of the S9 or S9+ and perhaps opt in to the current Note 8. By the moment Samsung launches the S9 and S9 Plus on 25th of February, there’s a huge chance the Note 8 will have dropped even further in suggested retail price.

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