Apple to launch a more affordable iPhone X models in 2018

The next iteration of iPhones are anticipated to follow a ‘majority’ of specs and features of the iPhone X. 1 min

Apple more affordable iPhone X 2018

The official announcement of Apple’s iPhone X to the general public is a thing of present, which means that we are now looking forward to the next iterations of flagship iPhones. The next generation smartphones are due to be likely launched in September next year with a release to the wild in the following week should there’s no mass-production delays. Of course, it’s widely-anticipated that the next premium handset designed by the Cupertino will be a continuation saga of the iPhone X and certain report from Chinese supply chain are echoing the report.

The new report closed to the supply chain suggests that the Cupertino tech giant has already began developing on the next iteration “iPhones.” There is a new report that Apple will going back to its usual two iPhone models release, both of which currently are known internally with a “Lisbon” and “Hangzhou.”

One of the two aforementioned models could be the smaller variant while the other unit could be an answer to the Note series. Other report is claiming that these next- generation iPhones will be notably an affordable models of the iPhone X with a much affordable manufacturer suggested retail price tag (MSRP). How cheaper? We could be looking at a general successor to this year’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models; maybe the iPhone 9 and 9 Plus.

However, the report also claims that the the upcoming iPhones for 2018 will copy a number of some features of Apple’s current flagship. this means that the iPhone X could stay as the premium flagship smartphone for the succeeding year or two. The tech giant will certainly want to bring Face ID enable by TrueDepth Camera System to the more affordable phones and the gesture-based user interface navigation and the absence of physical home button and Touch ID. Hence, it would be compelling to see what specs and features the more affordable iPhone X successors will offer to the budget-conscious consumers.

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