Spotted: New image of iPhone X attracts attention to a certain issue

A new photograph of the recently launched Apple's iPhone X in the public draws attention to a particular issue. No, not the notch on the top of the display.2 min

New image of iPhone X draws attention an issue

Apple’s much-awaited iPhone X release is now just a few of weeks away, with the top-of-the-line premium flagship smartphone set to hit the United States shelves as well as global marketplaces on November 3rd after the company opens preorders on October 27th. We have seen countless of reports that tips tens of millions of consumers have been holding out for iPhone X, these Apple loyal fans have been patiently waiting get their hands on the first radically redesigned iPhone since dating back in 2014.

Now that the iPhone X has been officially unveiled just last month, the Cupertino has seemingly given its employees a unit to use them in the wild. We have also seen dozens of images of the iPhone X scattered all over the worldwide web, since enthusiastic Apple loyalists have been photographing photos whenever they see a unit. These pictures are normally quite tedious, but the latest snaps emerged on the Internet as a matter of fact magnetizes attention to an a certain issue that is going to irk iPhone X users for some time following the device’s launch.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”438″ align=”left”]We are not pointing about the top sides on either edge of the “notch” located at the top of the iPhone X’s OLED Super Retina display, but it is indeed annoying too. Apple has been keen on advising that app developers adopt the top notch of the iPhone X in numerous instances, instead of hiding it with misleading interface tricks.

In this matter, we’re stressing out the new aspect ratio of the iPhone X’s 5.8-inch all-screen display.

Apple iPhone X Top Notch Apps UI

[agg-ad id=”434″ align=”left”]Click on the image (via Reddit) to open it in full size, and then zoom in on the device. Now look at the very top notch of the iPhone X.

Have you spotted where the app’s user interface ends? Due to the Apple’s new iPhone X boasts a much smaller aspect ratio than that of the other iPhone devices, apps aren’t going to eat up the entire display unless they’re optimized by developers.
iPhone 8 vs iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus screen display compare
Those big black bars on the top of the iPhone X, we think they have not optimized Pokémon Go game for the new screen ratio. It may take a few weeks until the developers all implement the changes.

Despite the mere fact that the iPhone X’s display is wider diagonally than any other iOS device, it’s quite smaller compared to other phones designed by Apple.

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