iPhone X’s TrueDepth dot projector component cause mass production delays

The TrueDepth Camera System's 3D sensor production issues continues. Apple iPhone X yield estimated at 400K per week now.2 min

iPhone X mas production delayed due to dot projector

Nikkei, an Asia-focused English-language publication, is restating its claim concerning about the Apple’s iPhone X production delays first reported late last month; chain suppliers are evidently still struggling with working up yields.

The latest report particularly identifies it as the the 3D sensor components, which the Cupertino calls it as the TrueDepth Camera System, as the main gridlock. The speculations comes as an independent industry analyst claims iPhone X production is now at 400,000 of units per week.

Earlier lst month, just prior to the iPhone X’s official launching, the prominent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of the KGI Securities claimed that OLED production for the premium flagship smartphone was under 10,000 units per solar day.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”438″ align=”left”]The technology firm later unveiled the top-of-the-line flagship with an official release date nearly a couple of months after the announcement, anticipatedly because of the issues relating to the mass production and component supplies.

Rosenblatt research tipped us that the iPhone X production has recently skyrocketed from 100,000 units per week to 400,000 units per week, a 300 percent increase.

This is a notable improvement in respective terms, but the complete figures are still quite stark, assuming the research firm are accurate.

6 iPhone X-exclusive features not included in iPhone 8, Plus

Apple shipped a millions of iPhones in the preorder period alone and the industry analysts as well as the Wall Street widely believe the same will happen for the hugely-anticipated iPhone X despite the whopping $1000 price point. It definitely seems a good portion of Apple iPhone fans have skipped on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus smartphones and are instead holding ding out and patiently waiting for the iPhone X’s release.

[agg-ad id=”434″ align=”left”]The dot projectors, mere accountable for the mass production delays, make up part of the TrueDepth Camera System on front panel of the device. The 3D sensor system empowers astonishing features like Face ID biometric security for unlocking the handset and for making payments as well as the Animoji. With that being said, addressing the production matters will unquestionably be the top priority for the company.

A tech executive familiar with iPhone X production told Nikkei Asian Review on Thursday that manufacturers are still struggling to perfect 3-D sensors and in particular dot projectors in Apple premium handset’s TrueDepth camera system, though the person could not pinpoint exactly the problem.

The Centrio News reported earlier this week that Kuo noted that Apple purportedly stumbled on some speed wallops with the TrueDepth Camera System component due to the intricacy of the supplies required.

The report remained optimistic that the iPhone X would enter mass production later this month. Still, when the Apple opens the preorder for the iPhone X on October 27, expect shipping delays and critically limited supply.

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