TLC launches BlackBerry Motion with no physical keyboard, massive battery, water-resistant

TCL Corporation has officially launched the physical keyboard-less all-touchscreen smartphone, BlackBerry Motion.1 min

BlackBerry Motion Official 2017

The keyboard-less all-screen BlackBerry Motion has officially made its debut on Sunday, October 8, at an electronics trade show in Dubai, UAE, just a few days after images of the new handset leaked online.

It didn’t take too long, mere weeks after leaked images surfaced online, BlackBerry has officially unveiled the keyboard-less all screen Motion. As widely anticipated, the new smartphone is somewhat a KEYone phone without the physical keyboard and comes with a pair of an additional bonuses. We are still looking at a mid-range smartphone powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC processor topped with a 4GB of RAM.

Furthermore, the BlackBerry Motion comes with a 32GB of on-board storage and a 12-megapixel back shooter, just with a 5.5-inch 1080p Full HD screen display covering up nearly all the front panel.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”438″ align=”left”]The good news is that the BlackBerry Motion is IP67 certified, meaning it is dust and water-resistant, and it sports with an enormous 4,000mAh battery life with support for QuickCharge 3.0. Given the mediocre chipset, this model potentially a handset that can effortlessly handle a full day of charge from the plug.

As for the software, we are still looking at a familiar user experience. The BB Motion is running an Android 7.1 with a custom UI skin like the previous model. The good thing with BlackBerry device is that you will get the same security-focused apps mean to make it business-eccentric and privacy-friendly day-to-day device.

As for the availability of the mid-end device, the Motion will initially be available to a number of Middle Eastern markets during the first wave, with a retail price tag translate from around $450 to $470. There’s no mention of United States, Canadian and European releases yet, although we aren’t ruling it out given that the KEYone’s availability at Sprint and Canadian wireless carriers.

Still, BlackBerry Motion may encounter an uphill battle in North America and European markets.

[agg-ad id=”434″ align=”left”]The BlackBerry Motion is a successor to the KeyOne, the first smartphone released under a licensing agreement the TCL Corporation scored with BlackBerry to manufacture and sell the BlackBerry branded phones.

BlackBerry has disconnected itself from the consumer electronics hardware, focusing on business security and software enterprises.

BlackBerry Motion and KeyOne

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