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Google Pixel 2 bokeh effect


Google Pixel 2 Leaks: Pixel 2’s feature software-enabled bokeh effect

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 devices will not get a radical redesign, though, it will feature a number of new features including camera software-enabled bokeh effects.

The Google’s upcoming Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 devices will not get a radical redesign and the final look of the flagship phones will be revealed when the Mountain View-headquartered company unveil them in a special media event on October 4th. In fact, the second-generation smartphones supposedly looks nearly identical like last year’s flagships. Last year’s design was fine for a 2016 handsets, but this year is all about not just a larger screen displays but a nearly bezel-less as smartphone manufacturers looking to maximize the use of the screen-to-body ratios on their flagship devices. The search giant’s Google Pixel 2 will purportedly come with a huge top and bottom bezels in the front panel of the phones.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”438″ align=”left”]While the handsets may not look like much when the search engine eventually make the Pixel 2 phones public on early next month, a new report claims that there will be a number of useful new features out of the box.

One of the interesting questions surrounding the phones, will the Google Pixel XL 2 be more attractive handset among the two new smartphones that is slated to release next in October? Google opted to tap LG for a partnership with the larger Pixel XL 2 rather than the Taiwanese OEM HTC (the one who will manufacture the smaller Pixel 2), the phone is expected to include a design that’s more in the trend with 2017 flagship smartphone competition. The bezels have reportedly been reduced, much like the LG G6 or V30, giving the flagship a more contemporary form-factor design with its avante-garde specs.

Google’s more compact design Pixel 2 will will be available at a lower price tag, to appeal the majority of the budget Android fans. And those consumers couldn’t be more happy to know that a new leak may have revealed a number of new Pixel 2 features for the first time since the past several months.

[agg-ad id=”834″ align=”center”]Artem Russakovskii‏ of the Android Police posted a number of exciting Pixel 2 news on Twitter over the weekend. The popular Android news site said that the leaks comes from “a new source who claims to have played with the Verizon Pixel 2,” noting that he “cannot vouch for the authenticity of these, but they seem plausible.”

We all know that the Google Pixel 2 will sport a single-camera on the back, but the good news is that it will have the bokeh effect enabled completely by the software itself. There are a lot of third-party camera app vendors that blur the background in the images, but majority, if not all, never seem to work very well to blur the entire background apart from the subject. The source also claims that the Pixel’s Android launcher has been treated with a massive redesigned with a new home screen and a search bar under the dock.

The new leak mirrors the rumors that the new Pixel 2 will have the identical extract of feature found on the HTC U11, but is also claims that a handy new feature we haven’t seen prior. The Google Pixel 2 will sport to date’s industry standard for a flagship phones, a dual stereo speakers. — The Velvetiere/

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