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Black Friday 2017 Deals: What to expect from Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, eBay


Black Friday 2017 Deals Predictions: What to expect from major e-commerce retailers

Here’s the best Black Friday 2017 deals to expect from Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy and eBay.

We are a couple of months away from the Thanksgiving Thursday, and the excitements for the Black Friday 2017 deals are higher than ever. For starters, most especially the millennial and Generation Z population, the Black Friday sales is the day after Thanksgiving when you can get a certain or almost all products most especially the electronics items at a big discount. All the major U.S. chain retailers including Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy and etc. hosts a great Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday deals. You will soon start to see leaked Black Friday 2017 ads everywhere scattered over the worldwide web.

The Black Friday 2017 deals will be offered on both brick and mortar stores and online marketplaces. According to National Retail Federation (NRF), this year’s Black Friday deals will be huge than ever on online than the traditional physical stores. This year’s Black Friday sales will be huge than ever as it is expected to surpass the last year’s online sales record and sales figures of the location stores.

In 2016 there were a slew of Black Friday deals, that’s why the day was able to record more than $100 Billion in sales.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”438″ align=”left”]The Black Friday is regarded as the start of the Christmas holiday shopping season in the United States, and most major retailers open very early and offer doorbusters and the best deal and this year is no different.


The spotlight of the Black Friday sale in the past several years have centered on consumer electronics, and this phenomenon will continue this year as well in years to come. According to industry analysts, the focus of the Black Friday 2017 sale will going toward the Ultra HD 4K TVs. With UHD 4K television now becoming the standard for media consumption, 4K TV sets are at its pinnacle popularity now, so a majority of shoppers will try to grab a 4K TV at deep discount. According to latest prediction, a 40-inch generic brand 4K TVs in the Black Friday 2017 sales will be up for purchase for as cheap as $200, which is the price of a regular 1080p Full HD TV. We’ve already seen early indications in Walmart Black Friday deals for this year that most of the huge televisions’ offers better discounts.


One of the most anticipated Black Friday deals are the flagship smartphones. The third quarter of the year is usually where the likes of Apple, Samsung, LG, Google releases new generations of their own flagship smartphones. With the recently launched iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well as Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 and S8+ and soon-to-be unveil Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 among others, the Black Friday Sales 2017 is indeed the best time of the year to change you aging phone and get a new one.

[agg-ad id=”834″ align=”center”]If you don’t have enough budget to acquire a new handset and you don’t mind getting not the latest smartphones that are and will be available in time of the mega sale. You get score the last year’s flagship smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, iPhone 7 Plus and more at quite great discount. Because you know that this year’s flagship devices will be available at a significantly minute price cut on the Black Friday sale.

PCs and Tablets

This year’s Black Friday deals on computers centers gaming laptops, whose demand is persistently growing. There are prediction there there will be a steep discount on Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake-powered laptop computers so that consumers can expect some powerful machines for a big discount.

Additionally, the Cupertino tech giant company Apple will offer great discounts on its latest iterations of MacBook Pro lines with Touch Bar as well. The latest iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Book tablets will reportedly be available at a huge price slash. Last year, laptops from Microsoft HP and Dell were among the popular Black Friday deals at big discount.
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Black Friday 2017 sales will have the best deals on new gadgets and other consumer electronic items, so it’s best if you shop not just smart but also wiser, prep up your must-buy checklist in advance and keep a track on the biggest retailer’s websites in the nation for the best deals and updates on Black Friday 2017 sale.

Black Friday sales in the past used to stir a lot of uproars in physical stores, so like I’ve mentioned earlier in this article, this year’s focus of the Black Friday deals and doorbusters has shifted online in the past few years, and most significantly in 2016 where Walmart, Target, Best Buy offered more deals online than in their location stores. Meanwhile, the e-commerce marketplaces including Amazon and eBay reported a huge figure of sales during the Black Friday sale. All the major e-commerce online stores now run the biggest Black Friday sales with thousands of products library on deep discounts.

The Velvetiere will completely cover the Black Friday 2017 sales. Our team will be handpicking and updates you with the best deals available. So if you want to be notified on the best Black Friday 2017 deals, you can subscribe to the website.

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