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iPhone 8 Release Date: Royal Dutch Telecom Confirms Apple ‘iPhone X’ Product Name

Apple is gearing up for the release of the new iPhone 8 in September. The much-awaited handset is anticipated to be a radical redesign for the Cupertino, which will impress the industry for the 10th anniversary of the smartphone.

Apple’s soon to be announced 10th anniversary iPhone flagship smartphone, in celebration of 10 years since first and original handset was released, might finally have a its official name and that moniker could simply be “iPhone X.”

Documents, sent to LetsGoDigital show an iPhone box that features the new design we’re all quite sure is going to be the highly-anticipated flagship smartphone from the Cupertino. The box certainly isn’t an Apple retail packaging design, because it’s been altered to carry the Dutch Telecoms company KPN’s greenish color style.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”438″ align=”left”]This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the “iPhone X” branding given credibility either. Notoriously reliable smartphone leaker Evan Blass has a truly marvelous track record for leak preciseness. Blass has recently tweeted that he’d been told the smartphone would be named iPhone X. Later though, Blass also regarded that he had seen a screenshot from a one more European wireless carrier that was using the iPhone Edition moniker. Blass also added that the pre-orders will begin on the September 15th and ship on the 22nd of the month. And in all fairness, KPN might even have made the parcel mockup based on Evan Blass’ leak.

The Dutch gadget site passed along the image of the forthcoming iPhone X box which might appear to corroborate the name of the most-awaited handset we have been calling the iPhone 8, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Edition. Not only is the moniker verified but the front panel screen display shape also appears to be validated on the iPhone X box as well.

The iPhone X box picture is seemingly a piece of KPN marketing stuff. KPN is a Dutch telecommunication firm that will schedule to sell the iPhone X. The iPhone X box shown in the image has plainly been Photoshopped to comprise KPN greenish brand colors scheme.

Mark Peters of the LetsGoDigital said that an exclusive Dutch marketing agency for the KPN has sent them the image for direct publication in the tech news site’s Dutch edition. “Due to the holiday season, it was send by a junior editor, who didn´t know the value of the image,” Peters said.

Peters added that Apple itself put a lot of pressure on the royal Dutch telecom provider. Since then, KPN has directly removed all their webpages with iPhone 8 related content including this blog post.

[agg-ad id=”434″ align=”left”]The marketing agency begged the tech news site crying to remove the story as well as the iPhone X box image. “At the end we decided to remove the image, as both KPN and the agency suffered on our publication. We also removed the name ´KPN´ from the story, that´s why it now only says ´the dutch telecom provider´,” Peters said.

Our understanding of the Cupertino’-based tech firm’s marketing rules are that Apple also runs a very tight ship. Wireless carriers usually aren’t allowed to edit official Apple images for their own marketing components. Either KPN went against the directive policy, Apple has loosened the regulation, this is a fake image press render.

The retail box, if genuine, also further validates the iPhone X display design. Many in the industry are expecting an almost bezel-less edge to edge OLED display with a small portion in the top to house the earpiece and front-facing camera and other sensors. This is indeed identical to the display design that we have seen in the leaked iPhone video earlier this week.

The radical design of the new iPhone X is going to be the massive revamp for Apple. The conventional physical home button, which was equipped since the original iPhone, is gone forever and Apple is using an OLED display panel for the first time ever in the line. New innovative features will also be launched including with inductive wireless charging, IR-powered face scanning capability, and among others.

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