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iPhone 8 Release Date, Price, Specs 2017: Everything You Need To Know About Apple iPhone X

The Apple iPhone 8 release date can be expected to fall on the third week of September.

The new iPhone 8 is just a few days away from its release date, with Apple highly-anticipated to launch a premium flagship handset phone equipped with new innovative features, upgraded specs, new design and more. Apple is regarded to launch the latest iPhone on September 12, in what is expected to be the Apple’s most-awaited and biggest radically redesigned top-tier smartphone launch in years.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”438″ align=”left”]It appears like almost every single detail has leaked regarding the new and top-of-the-line iPhone 8 that the Cupertino-headquartered technology giant is going to announce next week. But there’s only one thing that’s remained left behind under folds through every supply chain claims, leaks, speculations, and news story: the next-generation iPhone’s name.

Everyone’s been calling the next iteration flagship the iPhone 8, but possibilities are, Apple won’t be named that. The most expensive 2017 flagship smartphone should stand apart from the well-established and usual iPhone, so it’ll probably be given a more distinctive moniker to make it stand out among the product line.

There are a plethora of notions that keep getting hurled around. There are speculations that the next iteration flagship will allegedly be called iPhone 8 and this is what everyone is calling the impending handset from the Cupertino tech giant. However, we don’t think anyone really thinks this is what the firm is going to officially call it. Apple will purportedly release two other devices — incremental upgrades to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus — at the same time. If those less-impressive smartphones were labeled 7S and 7S Plus, then both phones seem a lot less spectacular next to the flagship iPhone 8, which would look like it’s a whole cycle newer.

[agg-ad id=”434″ align=”left”]Another name is the iPhone X and because it’s been 10 years since the first and original iPhone was out in the market, so the technology firm might place this as a “10th anniversary edition” of the iPhone, hence “X.” Primarily, next year won’t be the the one decade of the product line, and the most valuable company should still need something to call this handset. Another one, Apple just took the “X” out of macOS’ operating system branding last year.

Other industry analysts were also speculating that the next-generation flagship will be called iPhone Pro. This is probably my co-worker’s favorite guess and the one we think would make the most sense. The Cupertino-based electronics titan’s MacBook and iPad product lines already have higher-end or top-of-the-line Pro models, so it would follow that the iPhone line will get a Pro moniker after the iPhone trademark name.

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