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Lakers tampering Paul George


NBA Free Agency Rumors: Pacers owner might take Lakers-Paul George tampering to court

Indiana Pacers franchise owner Herb Simon might file lawsuit against Los Angeles Lakers over Paul George tampering.

The Los Angeles Lakers managed to break free from the National Basketball Association’s investigation on allegedly tampering Paul George with the most expensive cuff on the wrist in the NBA history. Now, the Lakers potentiality to acquire the former Indiana Pacers and current Oklahoma City Thunder star Paul George in 2018 free agency remains untouched.

It appears like that the NBA investigation and discipline isn’t good enough for the Indiana Pacers franchise owner Herb Simon, according to NBA insider Peter Vescey of Patreon, is considering a separate legal move to file lawsuit against the Los Angeles.

“He’s so fed up, don’t be shocked if he sues the league and the Lakers for damages,” said a reliable source Vescey described as “a confidant of the Pacers’ long-time owner.”

Should the Pacers franchise owner does sue the league and/or the Lakers, it seems like it most plausibly won’t get very far. The league’s very own set of rules make it justly complicated, if not impossible, for the NBA franchise owners to pursue legal dispute against each other or the league itself, as Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report pointed via Twitter.

It’s pretty comprehensible that Simon is indeed upset that Paul George wanted to get out from Indiana and live in a far better place near his hometown rather than deteriorate in irrelevancy in Indianapolis.

George is on of the best, if not the best, professional basketball players in Pacers history, so this one is going to pricking the Pacers for a while. Just don’t anticipate their whimpering through anonymous league sources to hurt the Lakers very much far beyond the tampering fine Los Angeles already imposed.


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