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Lakers, Pacers both optimistic in Paul George tampering allegations

The Lakers are expecting to be cleared from the tampering accusations filed by the Pacers.

The Los Angeles Lakers reportedly expect to be cleared from the alleged tampering charges filed by the Indiana Pacers over star Paul George.

The Lakers are contradicting the allegations filed by the Pacers to the NBA and maintaining their innocence and insisting that there is no proof of evidence of tampering claims, and the Purple and Gold team are expecting to be cleared in the situation.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”834″ align=”center”]Should the National Basketball Association’s investigation can prove that the Los Angeles were guilty of tampering with Paul George while under contract with the Pacers, the league’s office can impose a disciplinary punishment to Lakers in several ways. That includes a loss of their high draft picks, financial fines for up to whopping $5 million, future restrictions on acquiring George and the possible suspensions of offending officials from the Los Angeles.

As for the Pacers, Bob Kravitz of WTHR on The Rich Eisen Show

They feel very strongly that there were correspondences between Lakers executives and Paul George’s representative. They had heard those rumors for quite some time. They think there’s some there there.

The Indiana have accused the Los Angeles of tampering with George. NBA columnist Peter Vecsey reported that over the weekend; it took a several days for everyone to corroborate it and for the league to officially release a statement.

[agg-ad id=”438″ align=”left”]The Pacers appears to be accusing that Magic communicate with George, swaying his decision to inform the Indiana that he’d be opting out the franchise and joining the Lakers when PG hit the free agency in 2018. That led the Indiana to trade the four-time NBA All-Star to the Oklahoma City Thunder back in June. ESPN’s Bobby Marks and Ohm Youngmisuk explain how the league’s investigation will proceed.

The Los Angeles in likelihood they tampered, because everybody in the league tampers. But franchises are infrequently penalized for it, so the Lakers can also believe they did nothing horrendous enough to become a misfit.

A paper string between the Lakers – the president of basketball operations of the Los Angeles Magic Johnson or any other executive – and Paul George’s side would go far. But even that must be more certain.

Paul George’s agent, Aaron Mintz, also represents Los Angeles forward player Julius Randle and the former Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell. So, George have an enough reason to be in touch with the storied franchise.

Tampering rules are scarcely and arbitrarily involuntary. That gives respective organization a lot of room to believe it’s right.

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