Apple To Launch iPhone 8, 7S, Plus models And New Watch Series 3

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Apple iPhone 8 release date 2017

The new iPhone 8 is just less than a month away from its official release date 2017, with Apple highly anticipated to launch a smartphone equipped with new features, upgraded specs, new design and more. Apple is contemplated to release the latest iPhone 8 sometime in September, in what is expected to be the Cupertino-headquartered technology company’s most-awaited and biggest radically redesigned flagship smartphone launch in years.

[agg-ad id=”834″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”]This year’s iPhone 8 marks the tenth anniversary since Apple introduced the very first iPhone, it was first announced by con-founder Steve Jobs dating back in 9 January 2007, and made available in the general market later that year on June 29. Given the historic occasion, rumors and speculations suggested that Apple has been holding back some of its most avante-garde features for this year’s iPhone model.

We’ve rounded up all the latest leaks as well as rumors and speculations, so if you’re still uncertain about your next-generation Apple flagship smartphone, you’ll have a good outlook what the Cupertino has in its shelves soon.

All rumors and leaks point to an iPhone that will include a nearly bezel-less edge-to-edge OLED screen display which will almost cover the entire front panel of the handset. New dual-camera, upgraded processor and wireless charging are also expected to be shipped with this year’s generation smartphone. Apple’s next-generation iPhone could be available in a reddish-orange “copper gold” color which tipped to officially be called “Blush Gold,” should the new leaked photos and rumors are to be believed.

iPhone 8 release date, price, new features, specs

The purported images leaked, shared on the popular Chinese microblogging and social networking service Weibo, show what looks to be Apple’s impending iPhone 8 in three color options – white, jet black, and a new color described as a “Blush Gold.”

[agg-ad id=”438″ align=”left”]The smartphone leaker Benjamin Geskin added weight onto it and posted details on Twitter which came from an alleged Foxconn insider, claiming that the internal name of the new iPhone 8 color variant is “Blush Gold”.

Apple is rumored to be manufacturing on three iPhone models, including a 4.7-inch iPhone 7s, a 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus and the most premium among the rest — a 5.8-inch iPhone 8. While early reports claimed that all three models would be sporting similar specifications, it’s looking increasingly likely that the larger and new iPhone 8 model will notably be more advanced and expensive than the 7s and 7s Plus – which are closely resemble the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, respectively.

The iPhone 8 release date is speculated to fall in the week of September 4 or September 11, 2017. Apple traditionally releases its latest iPhone lineups during the first or couple of weeks after the launch event, which is the great time to start the holiday and Christmas shopping season.

However, a report notes that the Cupertino may break its annual tradition this year and launch its next flagship handset earlier than before. According to the details obtained by BlueFin Research Partners, there is “some indication” that the tech titan has already started production of the iPhone 8 back in June.

[agg-ad id=”434″ align=”left”]The iPhone line has just celebrated its 10th birthday and this decade anniversary edition model will be the most advanced handset Apple has ever built. However, although excitement swirling the new device continues to grow, it may not be the only product Apple will reveal at its September’s special media event.

Another rumors notes that the updated Apple Watch is also coming to the market, according to CNBC, claiming this latest wearable device will be unveiled alongside the three new iPhones — iPhone 8, 7s, 7s Plus.

This new wearable smartwatch could feature an upgraded CPU, bigger battery and slimmer form-factor design. But the biggest change could be out in the market in the form of an LTE model. By including the addition of standalone LTE chipset the Apple Watch 3 would get greater independence from the iPhone and iPad.

For now, the Apple Watch needs to be connected and paired iPhone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi before the wearable smartwatch can make and receive phone calls, receive notifications, download new music and apps, and among others. Including a cellular signal in the Apple Watch would let the device to get things done without being near the iPhone.

in 2016, Apple added GPS capability to the Apple Watch Series 2, which allows the wearable device to track outdoor runs, cycles and provide turn-by-turn navigation without pairing to iPhone. Unfortunately, there’s still a tons of detailed information we don’t know about the rumored inclusion of an LTE chip to the Apple Watch 3.

More probably Apple will still sell models of the Watch without an LTE feature – like it does with the iPad WiFi model only variant without cellular connectivity – and charge a premium for this added functionality. Since the launch of Apple Watch back in 2015, the wearable smartwatch has proven to be hugely popular, far outselling the competition.

The company has yet released the official figures but Apple CEO Tim Cook recently revealed the sales of Watch have nearly doubled year over year.

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