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Kyrie Irving-Cavs Trade Shaping LeBron James Future

Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving’s trade discussions have an influence on LeBron James future with the Cavs.

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James has left the franchise as a free agent once in 2010 and in that same year he officially became a member of the Miami Heat. LeBron James will have the ability to do it again next offseason. So it comes as no shocking surprise that his indefinite future is shaping how the organization in the NBA is making progress in trade negotiations surrounding the superstar point guard Kyrie Irving.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”834″ align=”center”]“Of course, the Cleveland Cavaliers officials prefer to re-sign the three-time champion LeBron James to a long-term contract deal and pursue NBA championship titles together into his sunset, but the ball club are treating his disinclination to carry out as an indication to protect themselves long term in the Kyrie Irving trade, NBA sources said,” according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowsk.

The forthcoming 2017-18 NBA regular season will start earlier than usual, but we still might not see genuinely legitimate intense negotiations on an Irving trade until we get closer to the all-new season.

“This Irving trade process has been deliberate, and teams believe that the Cavaliers expect more aggressive conversations in September, closer to the start of training camps,” Wojnarowski added.

[agg-ad id=”434″ align=”center”]James reportedly won’t yield his no-trade clause, so Cavaliers’ best and only option to avoid a massive fiasco in the short term is to move on from Irving and trade him in exchange for a skillful and talented young core player/s with a number of years under franchise control. The four-time NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving — who was selected by the Cavaliers with the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft out of Duke — still has a couple of years more on his current contract, but every day he gets closer to free agency period will potentially alleviated his value.

Furthermore, it’s also easier to assimilate an elite professional basketball player into a roster before the regular season starts when there’s a slew of practice time to adopt new offensive and defensive schemes. That is why a trade in September does makes a lot of sense, should it’s going to happen sooner.

Mark Julius

Originally from the Quezon City, Mark graduated from PUP with a B.S. in sports and video games. He served as Editor-in-Chief of The Pamantasan, the university newspaper, for a couple of years.

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