iPhone 8’s Specs & Features Details Unearthed In HomePod Firmware

iPhone 8 release date is still yet to be determined, but latest discovered suggestions from the Apple HomePod software leaks revealed new features on the upcoming iPhone.2 min

iPhone 8

Another day another set of leaks, rumors ans speculations about the Apple’s impending iPhone 8. More information have been uncovered regarding the much-awaited iPhone 8 by firmware leaks from the Cupertino-base tech giant company itself, including the smartphone’s capability to silent or mute notifications when it the device’s sensors detects you are looking at it.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”834″ align=”center”]While the marketed name and exact iPhone 8 release date of the next big change to the Apple’s flagship smartphone line is still yet to be determined, the leaked HomeKit software for upcoming HomePod smart speaker has already divulged what the handset looks like, that it will have 3D Face ID facial scanner and amongst other details.

Further dissection by Brazilian Apple site iHelp BR has discovered suggestions that the iPhone 8’s infrared-powered 3D face recognition feature is designed to work when the smartphone is lying down on a flat desk and doesn’t require the smartphone to be held up at head height to unlock it with a face.

One of the broadsides of the current face and iris recognition technology that is found on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Microsoft’s Windows Hello-enabled Surface PCs, is that the device must be either brought up to eye level to work with enough light source light coming to the device or must be angled in such a way that it can clearly see the whole structure and contour of your face.

If ever the firm have innovate a way to allow the infrared-based facial recognition technology to operate at a much extensive way, then it could definitely go some way to diminish the issues afflicting the current iterations of the said technology.

[agg-ad id=”438″ align=”left”]Developer Guilherme Rambo found significantly new feature of the iPhone 8 from the code of the HomePod’s HomeKit firmware that will be able to recognize when you’re looking at the device itself and automatically mute notifications. The technology Apple will be using on this new feature is the IR-scanning system used for 3D Touch ID facial recognition. It will be watching the user and detect you when they look at the handset.

Rambo also obtained traces in the HomePod firmware code that point to the iPhone 8’s facial recognition system being able to recognize more than a single face. While being able to register multiple figures is logical for a fingerprint scanner-based Touch ID system in the previous and current iPhones, for using both hands and multiple fingers in different context for unlocking the handset, the same cannot be said of faces for a single-user phone such as an iPhone.

It might be used to allow multiple faces to unlock an iPhone or to be able to add a face with and without eye-glasses.

[agg-ad id=”434″ align=”left”]Tim Cook-led company was one of the first firms in the industry to offer a slow-motion video capture as a standard piece on a smartphone, but while the frame rate has been doubled over the years, the resolution of the video captured at 240fps has been fixed at the fairly compact 720p.

The same developer mentioned above also discovered hints that the forthcoming iPhone 8 would have the ability of capturing high-speed slow motion video at a full 1080p HD resolution using both the back and the front-facing camera sensors.

Apple is expected to unveil three new iPhones at its yearly fall event. We’ll find out precisely on September what it looks like and the announcement of iPhone 8 release date.

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