Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving is destroying the storied Cavs franchise

Kyrie Irving's decision to leave Cleveland Cavaliers is not win championship titles, but to leave a footprint for his legacy as one of the best point guard in the NBA’s history.2 min

Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving trade

Back in mid-July, point guard Kyrie Irving requested Cleveland Cavaliers franchise owner Dan Gilbert to trade him. Such a powerful statement came from the 25-year-old Australian basketballer that no longer needs to come up with the word “reportedly.” That neither Cavaliers franchise owner Gilbert nor Irving has contradicted it speaks volumes.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”834″ align=”center”]In the wake of the news, many in Cavaliers fans expressed their sadness or outrage with Irving. We definitely get the emotion, most especially when one of the reported rationales for Irving’s dissatisfaction playing in Cleveland is the burden of being a regarded sidekick to superstar LeBron James. Some may not understand why someone would mind playing alongside LeBron and competing for NBA championship titles.

With Irving’s future, still an enigma at this time during the offseason break, it is indeed necessary to evaluate whether this would be a good, if not better, decision for him to leave the Cavs. Through his determination to leave Cleveland, it is understandable his main objective in his professional NBA career is not win or collect championship titles, but rather leave a footprint for his legacy as one of the best point guard in the league’s history. Irving has been standing in the shadows as second best to LeBron James ever since his return back to his home team from Miami Heat.

When or if Irving leaves Ohio, then he will be losing out on the opportunity to return to the NBA Finals. As indications by the 2016 NBA Finals, anything could happen. Basketball players can get injured or suspended and some can fade away sooner due to poor performances. Should Irving leaves Cavaliers, both James and he will have a difficult time bouncing back to the finals next season. With the addition of Gordon Hayward to the Boston Celtics, the Cavaliers’ toughest rivalry has only gotten better while the ball club would be losing a pivotal weapon in Irving. Without him, the Cavaliers would not have won the 2016 NBA Finals.

[agg-ad id=”438″ align=”left”]To be fair, LeBron James’ performance throughout the last few matchups in the 2016 NBA Finals put Irving in the position to secure the deal, but both players need each other to beat the Golden State Warriors. With Irving out the organization, we might see similar results to LeBron James’ first campaign in Cleveland. These could eventually lead to James’ exit from Cleveland to Los Angeles to start his stint with the Lakers. He has proven himself in both Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, bringing a championship title to Los Angeles would cement his legacy alongside the people’s G.O.A.T, (greatest of all-time) Michael Jordan.

The Cavaliers is indeed a very old storied franchise who keep getting older and older. Irving is the youngest core talent on the roster. If the Cleveland were to trade Irving out of the team, the Cavaliers would most likely prefer to get a young core player with high potential to help this experienced roster.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were the only hope for the NBA to defeat the super team Golden State Warriors in the post recent season.

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