Apple confirmed all the iPhone 8 features rumors

Apple may just confirmed all the rumors and leaks about the iPhone 8 features, specs and design. Apple is responsible for the biggest iPhone 8 leaks to date.2 min

iPhone 8 design leaked by Apple

With each new iPhone 8 rumors we’ve learned and every new iPhone 8 leaks that we’ve seen so far, it totally becomes increasingly clear that the impending Apple flagship smartphone that it will launch sometime in September will also feature a new design unlike anything we’ve seen on the predecessors.

The iPhone 8 will will be shipped without the conventional physical home button and its bezels will be quite smaller than ever. Leaked CAD drawings, renders, and protective case designs have ultimately proved that the same purported iPhone 8 design. With that being said, it looks all the rumors are indeed true, and we have the Cupertino-headquartered tech giant to thank for the biggest iPhone 8 leak to date.

Those who are following Apple absolutely know how Apple is extremely serious on secrecy on its product developments before it will be launched and how the firm has employed a team of highly skilled former intelligence officers to combat the internal leaks coming out? However, Apple probably didn’t see this one coming. Someone at Cupertino accidentally — or intentionally — released the first firmware developer update of Apple’s HomePod smart speaker.

The technology giant reveals a new features in the firmware of the HomePod smart speaker, according to the developers with an access to the early release of the code.

Spirited developers took that firmware apart and extracted the HomeKit to find various information about the Siri speaker itself, but also about the next-generation iPhone. Because, for a definite reason, a schematic of the new iPhone 8 form-factor and design was concealed in the software.

The iPhone 8 schematic that the company offers is flawlessly in line with that we’ve already been seen in endless leaks: no conventional home button on the front panel of the device, slimmer bezels all around except for the cutout at the top of the display to accommodate the ear speaker, camera, and various sensors.

The images do not show the rear side of the upcoming iPhone 8, but this is still a pretty great discovery.

Moreover, apart from edge-to-edge screen, the leak also confirmed that the new iPhone 8 will have a 3D facial recognition security system and wireless charging.

The leaked details appear to confirm a number of previous rumors and leaks about the iPhone 8, which is expected to be released on September but may not be released until the fourth quarter of year (October or November). The iPhone 8 marks the 10 years since the most valuable tech company released a smartphone and it is speculated to have a new design. The iPhone 8 is expected to be expensive and drastically cost much more than the current iPhone models and is likely to be launched alongside the incrementally upgraded iPhone 7s and 7s Plus handsets.

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