Samsung To Release Beast Edition Galaxy Note 8 In Limited Developed Markets

Samsung will reportedly release a Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition sporting 6GB of RAM paired with whopping 256GB of internal storage.2 min

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition

We already know about the impending Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it is expected to be the most promising Android smartphone and one most powerful smartphones that will be released this year. For those who look after power and performance, the Galaxy Note 8 is indeed one of the most wanted device this 2017.

There are evidences that the company has opted to upstage the Note 8 with a limited release edition of the flagship smartphone.

[agg-ad id=”442″ align=”center”][agg-ad id=”438″ align=”left”]The Galaxy Note 8 package already comes with an impressive rumored features. It is anticipated to include the rear-facing dual camera sensors, 4GB worth of RAM, 64GB of on-board storage configuration for the base model paired with microSD support, the new edge-to-edge curved screen display that directs the biggest protests of the Galaxy S8, smaller bezels and support for Samsung’s S-Pen.

The latest rumors suggest that there will be a “Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition” of the upcoming handset, which will boost the internal storage configuration from the 64GB of the base models up to a jaw-dropping 256GB of on-board storage out of the box. The Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition is also rumored to sports 6GB of RAM.

It should be worth noting that this would not be the first time that the South Korea-headquartered tech firm has released a ‘tuned’ version of a leading smartphone to a number of developed market. There’s the Galaxy S8’s premium edition in South Korea that was out in the shelves a few weeks after the S8 and S8 Plus launched. That version doubled the 64GB of entry level storage configuration to 128GB, and upped the RAM from 4GB to 6GB.

Meanwhile, South Korean electronics giant posted its Q2 earnings, and the news is very positive: Overall, Samsung’s net profit hit 11.05 trillion South Korean won over the last quarter, which translates to $9.95 billion dollars.

[agg-ad id=”434″ align=”left”]According to the Wall Street Journal, that’s 89-percent increase over where the South Korean tech company’s earnings were a year ago. And the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 isn’t even arrived in the market.

The reason behind its huge earnings, mainly, is components.

According to the technology OEM, “the Galaxy S8 and S8+ have outsold the Galaxy S7 series in almost all regions,” and the S8+ accounts for more than 50 percent of the S8 line’s sales.

But Samsung’s largest profit came from components, mainly memory and displays. The firm reported earnings growth in its Memory Business via SSD and DRAM sales, and increase in Display Panels thanks to both high OLED demand for handheld mobile devices and alike as well as the growth in larger Ultra-HD LCD sales for televisions.

The upcoming announcement of Samsung’s most much-awaited phablet, the Galaxy Note 8, is just few weeks away on August 23.

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